Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Week 86.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Another week is done! Whew! I'm 86 weeks old in the mission field... This morning, we had our zone activity since 2 in our zone are homebound. It was fun. Played some water sports and more! We had tacos for breakfast courtesy of the sisters. Stress reliever for sure. Haha...

After that, did some business in the office, did some groceries and work. That's why we're emailing now at this time. Really tiring but rewarding.

Anyways, the week was good. Did some ZL stuffs since one of our Zone Leader had some rest because of his wisdom tooth extraction. So, I was able to be with Elder Panti and helped him with ZL stuffs. Hahaha!!!! But, it was exhausting. I'd rather do training. I'm kinda worried when I get home because I easily get tired travelling in long distances, but we'll see about that. Anyways, we're still working on with our investigators. Sister B is continually progressing! She and Brother A (a less-active) have grown a lot. We're still waiting for further instructions regarding her baptism since there are some conflicts. Anyways, it's so great to work with them. We're having a great time teaching the two of them.

Well, Elder Somoray and I dropped our 3 IBDs. It was a bit sad but we need to do it. We still need to prepare them more but they are still progressing. It's just that we're working on their mom who is a less-active. If she goes to church, she'll bring her children. They are the B family. We still need to meet her husband though.

Anyways, we have a new investigator with a date. She is Sister M, neighbor of the B Family. She is so prepared! It was a day where our appointments fell off and so we decided to visit her. In that appointment, we were surprised how thankful she is and how she badly needs the Gospel. We were able to commit her in the first visit. It was intense feeling the Spirit. And, it made my testimony grow. Sometimes, I do feel lazy talking to people. But, when the Spirit prompts me and I follow it, something happens. We meet people who are interested, we meet people who are being prepared to receive the Gospel, but more than that, we are able to meet our brothers and sisters. It made me realize the importance of really understanding that all we meet everyday are literally our brothers and sisters in the premortal existence. Its just heartwarming to feel that way. And I'm grateful I feel it and the Lord has taught me so much.

Other investigators are progressing still and we need to commit them to attend to church. But we won't give up on them. We just need to remain diligent in teaching them.

Last Sunday, Bishop told us of the attendance. We had 95 people at sacrament meeting, the highest so far for the year and we're happy because he is happy. We can really feel his excitement in helping us. He is using the Progress Records we always give him. And he's really happy! We're grateful for the Bishop's help here. It is true that the members are very important in this work, and I can see it evidently.

Our less-actives are continually coming and we're finding and reaching out to more so we could help them come back to church. Bishop is working hand in hand with them and he interviews immediately those who attends church for the first time since their inactivity. We couldn't ask for more. Hehe...

So, that's my week. Transfers are coming next week! Hmmm.... Changes will happen for sure. And, it's December already this Sunday! Geez! And, Mom, belated Happy Birthday! ^^, 

Thanks, for everything. Love you all!

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