Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Two Plus One! - Week 47.Serving in Bulua

Hello everybody! Well, this is an interesting week.Time flies so fast. My companion, Elder Zata got emergency transferred. Right now, I have two new companions, Elder Castillo and Elder Capoquian. Both of them are trainees! Yes, I'm training them at the same time. We're a trisome. So this transfer is really something to look forward to.

As for our work, there's so much things to do. Haha! But getting the members trust have helped us to know what we could do to help the ward and really strengthen it in our stay here.

Serving as a District Leader is really hard. Haha. Overseeing the District's work proved to be something. We had a mini devotional in our P-Day and I know it helped me to know the District better and we've set goals as a District.

Though things do happen at times here in the Mission. It's a challenge for me but trials proved to be a time of learning. I've learned so much here and I'm loving the work. During my interview with President, I shared to him the challenges that I had being a leader. He shared to me his thoughts and I am relieved that following the Missionary Handbook helped me so much. I know that sometimes, doing my job as a leader makes me unpopular with others. But it's okay. I remember one great line in the handbook that as Missionaries, our loyalty should be first with the Lord, then to our Mission President, and then to the Missionaries.

Well, I don't have the luxury of time to mail since there's so much to do. I've just been in the area for 11 days. Haha! So, this will be an adventure. So much things in store for this transfer. I'm a bit nervous about training two Missionaries at the same time. Haha! it's a new experience for sure.

So, yeah! Have a great week ahead guys and I'm sorry I haven't reply to some of your letters before. Been pretty busy but I'll try my best to write back. I love you all! :)

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

D meets the Z! - Week 46.Serving in Bulua

Howdy yo?! Hmmm... A lot has happened. And yeah, I'm out of the office! Back to the full-time field work. Haha... I'm now here in my 3rd area, in Bulua. I was called to be the District Leader and companions with Elder Zata.

So, we are 6 in the District. The Patag Elders (Elder Lee & Elder Morga), us (Bulua Elders) and the Iponan Sisters (Sister Rivera & Sister Munar). A lot has happened this week. After training my office trainee Elder Ambrosio (well he's my first trainee in the mission, but in the office. Haha), did a lot of work. Whew, training is really exhausting. But nevertheless, I've learned a lot in the office.

Okay, as for the work. After I got here in the area, I was surprised because there's no work for the past days! Freak! But I understand since they are trisome for the time being since the former District Leader here is now in the office. Kind of a swap. LOL! But of course not! So, after placing my things in the room, I prepared my proselyting bag and then picked up my planner and told my companion, "Elder let's study and plan and then work". He was surprised of course because I just got here in the area and I'm in my work mode already. I was actually surprised too since I'm tired and exhausted but I was so hungry to work. So we did work and met the leaders and it was awesome.

Our area is a hard one in terms of conversion and retention. It's sad to see it but we know we need to a lot of work here! I'm dreaming to see the sacrament hall filled up with people. And also, the sacrament hall looks great! It's the first time I saw one like it in our ward since the front seats are different and it's so big! I guess the design is the same as the wards outside the country or so. But nevertheless, I love our chapel. Haha!

Monday came and had my first District Meeting as the new District Leader. It was nerve-racking since the APs were there. All went well and we learned about the importance of testimony in inviting people to be baptized. I've learned so much as I prepared what we'll be tackling during the meeting. There's so many challenges being a leader but I know that it'll be a great growth for me again. So much to do and so much work that needs to be done. But I'm grateful that the Lord has assigned me here. I'm loving the work and our companionship. We pledged to be both diligent and obedient everyday. Hehe...

So, yeah! that's our week. Looking for the coming weeks to come. Love you guys! I miss you too. Hope you could write me a letter though? Haha... Have a great week! Keep safe!

With love,
Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Meet the Son! Haha! - Week 45.Serving in CDO 2nd

Good day! Well, this week was a week full of surprises, challenges and humbling experiences for me. A

Well, our work is not that much this week. Aside from punted appointments, Elder Ambrosio came to the office not feeling well so I let him rest. I was also not feeling well after the relapse I had last time, so I'm very thankful for Sister French's counsel to me on what to do and she told me that I did the right thing.  I know what I'm overcoming right now is really hard for me, adjusting and really really getting out of my comfort zone while improving my condition. But this week, I've learned that Heavenly Father loves us so much and would not let us down. With the comforting and calming feeling I had during that relapse, my testimony about prayer and listening to the promptings of the Spirit grew.

Anyways, as for the fellowshippers/friends for our recent converts and less-active,  they have fellowshippers/friends in our ward. It's one of the best things that Bishop is focusing on. He plans to have consistent fellowshippers for our Less-Actives and Investigators that we are teaching. As soon as they finish the list by coordinating with us, he will be interviewing those members.

The Missionary Fireside was successful! After that, the ward decided to have it every 3 months. Members shared their experiences about the importance of sharing the gospel to others and helping our brothers and sisters come back to activity. Even the Return-Missionaries who are not participating that much in Visiting/Home Teaching reminisced their Mission life and realized that they need to get back that desire of helping others and rescuing them.

We have meetings with the ward and auxiliary leaders every 2nd and 4th Sunday. Bishop is really getting us involved which is really great but of course, we need to have the Ward Mission Leader to act. That's one of the things Elder Panti and Elder Ambrosio needs to work on.

During my last Sunday, I just realized that time sure is fast! I've stayed here in the office for 30 weeks already and now I'm transferring. I have loved the ward and as I thank the members for the chance to serve them, they also thanked me back so it's one of the areas that I'll remember serving in. I hope and pray that they'll continue helping the Missionaries in doing this work. Establishing the ward have helped so much in having the investigators and less-actives come to church every Sunday. I have seen it in our work and I will do my best to apply it as well in my next areas.

I just remembered my favorite verse in the scriptures found in Ecclesiastes 3:1 which says that "to every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven". I know that Heavenly Father assigned me here in the office for a purpose. I'm grateful for being assigned here because it had helped me grow. But I know that I still have a lot of things to learn and do to continually improve. I'm so thankful for the Mission Leaders in helping me and guiding me to be reminded of my purpose here in the Mission.

I know that I should not fear in my next area. Haha.

Elder Ambrosio's training is going well. He's picking up things fast despite I had taught him so many things to do. Haha. But I know and trust him that he can do it because the Lord has chosen him to do so. I just can't believe I'm really transferring. I'll surely miss Elder Panti and our companionship. I'm so thankful for how he have helped me in improving my condition and for the work that we had in the area. He's a brother to me.

Lastly, I'm also grateful for the opportunity Elder Collado and I had to listen to the testimonies of the Homebound Missionaries. I know that despite knowing what will happen to us after 14 months, it'll still be different when we are already there. The new calling that the Lord will be giving me next transfer will really help me grow and stretch a lot. I know it won't be easy and I'll encounter new kinds of stress (haha). But, it'll be worth it.

Thank you guys! Would like to hear from you.

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Talk to the Missionaries! - Week 44.Serving in Cagayan

Hey everyone! Well, this was an interesting week. Lots and lots of blessings came to us this week! I'll try my best to share it all. Haha.

Okay, during my follow-up check up, my condition is really improving. They gave me 1 more month of medication, so 1 more month of Snorlax mode. Haha! And, I still have another check-up on March which means, I can't be transferred somewhere far! O.o Well, can't do anything about that. Most probably, I'll be just an hour away from this area. Oh man.

Still, this week was indeed one of the best. Saturday, we had our home-teaching caravan in the ward and was able to work with the members. They organized their home-teaching organization and they also had District Leaders! So awesome! Haha! It was cool because it's like here in the Mission. Bishop jokingly said that the Bishopric is the A.P. since they are the ones who report to the Stake President regarding home-teaching. So cool! Elder Panti and I were talking about it and thinking what would it be like after going home from our Mission having a home-teaching organization like that. Hehe... That'll be really cool.

Sunday came and we had 15 investigators at church! Double-digit and its my first time to have such number. Also, we had 20 Less-Actives come to church as well, so this week was a blessed week for me and Elder Panti. For the past weeks, He is blessing us with increasing number of people going to church.

Well, our Recent Convert Brother Z is progressing as ever. He's really cool and I'll be sure to miss him 'coz I'm transferring! Well, I'll miss this area for sure. 30 weeks of being in the office, its just now that I'm realizing the blessing that I've received here. I'm thankful for the trials and challenges I've faced here. It really is faith-trying. Haha! But, looking at the brighter side, it made me stronger. I'm just bummed 'coz I can't be anywhere far. So, most probably I'll be in the city again. I kinda miss seeing mountains, rice fields and rivers. Guess my stay in my first area was all to prepare me here. Haha!

Our investigators and less-actives are progressing although we're having a hard time to visit all of them! So much to do but so little time. After work last Sunday, Elder Panti and I went home very very tired and exhausted from work. Sunday sure is our busiest day. But at least the effort is all worth it. Seeing people be blessed because of the Gospel will really boost you and encourage you to even exert more effort.

Anyways, we had this odd situation last Sunday after teaching some less-active members. Their neighbors, which were kids, always joins us in our discussion. They even went to church! But, after that Sunday lesson with them, the father of one of the kids talked to us and was angry. In my mind, I was like, "oh no... this is not good..." So we talked and he told us that we shouldn't be encouraging the kids to go to our church because his kid almost got hit by a car which we don't know and it happened near the church so they kind of blamed us. Well, for those situations I am scared and nervous but that time, I kept on talking and explaining especially our purpose as Missionaries. In the end, we pacified him and invited him to listen to our message. Haha! (I never thought I would've said it that way!).

After that experience, I was so sad. It was really weird. I don't know the guy and his kid but I am sad because they are kept from the truth. I know that the Gospel will truly bless them if they will hear us out and sincerely search for the truth. Elder Panti was comforting me after that. So I just pondered upon it and realized how blessed are we to have the Gospel in our lives. To enjoy the blessings of being in the only and true church. I'm thankful that I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 'coz I know it's true! And I will do my best with my 14 months more here in the Mission.

Also, one of the Assistants, Elder Acuavera gave me a cool scripture case! My favorite color. Man, he's really like a big brother to me so I call him "kuya" at times, which means "big bro". And, he's one of the Missionaries who have helped me overcome my anxiety and fear. He trained me during our exchanges so I'm grateful for that.

Anyways, working a bit late for Zone Leaders Council tomorrow. So, 'till next week! My last week in the office! I'm stoked next transfer. Haha! Love you guys! Keep safe! (:

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission