Tuesday, 30 April 2013

On a Diet! - Week 56.Serving in Bulua


Well, I'm on a diet! Haha! Bread, cereals, veggies, oatmeal, white meat and fruits are on my platter. Hahaha! Oh well. It's better than to go to the hospital. Hehe... Adjustment was good though my housemates feel sorry for me. I do too especially when they cook mouth-watering meals. But it's for the best.

Anyways, we'll be having a baptism this Saturday! Yay! Finally! I'm excited for our investigator since she's progressing! She's 12 years old and bright. It relieved us so much since she always keeps her commitments. It is so great! Haha! I'll send pictures next week for it.

As for our National Day of Service, well, we weren't able to come. :(  The doctor instructed me to have a full rest for 3 days! It was a bit boring so I studied instead. Though missing that once in a lifetime opportunity made me and my companion feel sorry for ourselves. But, it's for the best. We just need to be optimistic. Hehe.

I'm learning a lot from my studies! I've learned so much from the Old and New Testament! I love the stories that I became familiar with. It helped me to be more grateful for the Gospel. I really love the parable about the Ten Virgins and to be more watchful and prayerful and try our best to not fall away like King David. I also became interested for Esther's courage. Haha! Tons of learnings! ^^

Work's great and it's great to see the District coming together. We're expecting baptisms in our District this May! Total of 7! Yay! I'm excited for my districtmates. Hehe. And also, excited for the people being baptized since I'll be interviewing them, hopefully. Transfers are next week so it's another cycle to look forward to.

Well, that's my week. Thanks for the e-mails! Have a great day!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The 9-year old Legend! - Week 55.Serving in Bulua


Well, this was a pretty good week for me. Though I'm not feeling well for the past days and I can't sleep! Stressed! But it's okay. We played basketball today early in the morning. It was really great! One thing that surprised me is our Stake President's grandson who is 9 years old but plays like a man! He shoots 3 points! Haha! Legit! He even joins the tournament for players 16 years old under, so it's kinda cool. Haha!

Anyways, work is getting up about in the District. We'll be having a baptism this May 4. Yay! We're still preparing her though. Hehe! The ward is so supportive and we'll be having a CSP this Saturday! Mangrove planting! Woo! Hopefully I can send pictures by next week.

Time sure flies so fast! My serving time is sliding way too fast, more than I can imagine. I can't help but think what to do when I get back. Guess that's normal. Haha! But hopefully I could adjust. I'm not trunky, well maybe a bit. Haha! Just kidding.

Last District Meeting we discussed about how Key Indicators help us as Missionaries in focusing on our purpose. Well, it was a great discussion! I've learned a lot and saw planning in a different way. It's kinda exciting to really talk about, carefully plan what we could to best help the people we are teaching and how could focus on them.

Hmmm. I'm writing tons of letters. It's already May, but its next week. I've just finished reading Jacob 5. It interested me so much! Although it took me some few hours to somehow get its message but after learning it, and immersing what the prophet Zenos speaks of, it's so great! It talks about so many things and how the prophecy is being fulfilled today! It really is near. Its exciting!

I think I've grown so much in the Mission. I've been pondering when I can't sleep. Life really is short and there's so much to do when you think about it. Haha! But, I'm grateful nevertheless for having the Gospel in my life. It taught me so much on how I can view myself, especially as a child of God. He really loves us in every way. It's in Jacob 5 also when He wept, and pondered, what can he do more for His vineyard. I'm loving this work. Thank you everyone for supporting me. ^^

Well, gotta go. Still need to do lots of reporting. Haha. There's no day that I'm not fully loaded with works. But it's okay. It'll really prepare me for my life after the Mission. Thanks so much for everything. 'Till next time!

Love you all,
Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Spiritual Feast! - Week 54.Serving in Bulua

Halo amigos!!!

Whew! This week is really a great week... There's so much happening in the work... I love it! Hahaha! I'm so enjoying the work now... Being optimistic has helped me a lot and I'm so much having a lot of fun.

Well, the people that we are teaching are progressing, investigators aside... But we'll be having a baptism next month! Yay!!! It'll be my 2nd... The first baptism that I had in the Mission is really meaningful and he's still active as ever! Great news! He's really converted... I'm happy for him to receive the gospel in his life...

Anyways, the week is a spiritual feast. Monday, Zone Training Meeting. Friday, Zone Interviews. And Saturday and Sunday is General Conference Sessions. I loved the week! Not for the less work though. Haha. But for the things I've learned here in the Mission. I have grown so much and I could testify to that... And, I love the area! Serving here in Bulua is really amazing. The members and the leaders are great! I love it! And, reactivation efforts are so evident. Every week, there's a new face to see. Last Sunday, 3 young men  came to church together with the Young Men President who's working with us. It's a sight to see, the Bishop hugging them after a long time. What a great moment.

Hmm... For us, I'm learning a ton from scripture reading!! Yes! Everyday I made it a habit, whether personal study or not. Haha... It worked for me quite well and I can't sleep without reading a chapter! Sick! And, everyday, I'm excited to work. Everyday, I'm more excited to talk to those who doesn't have the Gospel because I know with all the surety of my heart that it is God's plan for us to guide us to have peace and happiness in our lives whatever our circumstances may be. I'm grateful I served a Mission. It has taught me a lot and is preparing me for my life after it. I'm grateful for our Loving Father in Heaven who always show His love to us everyday. Trials may come for our profit and learning, and it will be for a small moment. Our faith in Him and trust in Him will really have to play the role. He keeps His promises and it is true. I have tested it and I know it.

I'm happy serving the Lord. I've learned so much!!! I'm enjoying talking to people who I don't know. Haha. Yes! It feels so good to feel the Holy Ghost. It's unimaginable. It's surreal! And just like what it says in John 7:17, as we live the Gospel, we will know if it be of God or from just a person...

Well, that's the week. Thanks for all the support and prayers! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Triple Celebration! - Week 53.Serving in Bulua

Hello everybody!!! Hmm... Things are going well here! I'm adjusting I guess... It took me a year! Hahaha!!

Anyways, triple celebration! In our District, I just turned 1 year in the Mission. Then last Sunday, one of the Sisters just had her birthday. Then, the Part Time Missionary in our District just received her Mission call and was called in the Legazpi Mission...

A lot is happening with our work... Despite less time, 'coz of the extreme heat, there's still progress...

The Less-Actives that we are focusing are progressing. Sacrament attendance is increasing slowly and 3 of the families that we are teaching are consistently attending church. It made us happy and the ward as well. We're now working closely with the ward with the 3-in-1 forms. Every week, we're coordinating the work with the Ward Mission Leader and the Bishop. The Bishop is really happy with the work and we'll be adding additional names for us to work on.

We've told President and Sister Siguiente about the great news that their son just committed to come to church this coming week and they were delighted of the the good news. We're focusing on their son and his family as well. The wife is progressing as well so we're looking forward for a lot of progression as they come to church as a family.

The Ranara, Wenceslao, and Nalugon family are progressing although we're focusing now on their husbands. And they are happy to meet us. They have been all interviewed (the wives) by the Bishop and was reported in the ward council meeting. Bishop shook hands with us last Sunday and asked us if the Ward Mission Leader is functioning. Haha! He told us to report to him if he's not. We're really feeling the support of the ward. Right now, we're doing what you've taught us, visit some members and asked their progression in rescuing the one. It's great! The Aguillon family is working with us since they are reactivating the Ranara family. Then we've committed them to prepare someone and refer to us. It was all great. In time, the ward would help us prepare souls to come and partake the ordinance of baptism. It'll take some time but we're happy with it.

Our investigator with a date, Brother Nilo has been taught by the missionaries before. Elder Castillo and I had a great lesson with him and was able to learn some of his concerns. We challenged him to pray to know the truthfulness of our message because he doesn't want to be baptized. He just wants to learn. So, we're committing him more on knowing the truth through the Holy Ghost. It's up to him to accept our invitation but we know he's starting to recognize it.

The work's still hard but Elder Castillo and I are having a great time! It feels wonderful  to feel this way. I've learned to be more honest in myself and it all worked out for me.

Well, I'm a year older in the Mission! Woot!!! There's so much going on... Hmm... It's fun and it's a great time for learning... 'Till next week! Love ya guys!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Some pics....

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All is Well! - Week 52.Serving in Bulua

Hello everyone!

Doing fine now and enjoying the work! Yeah!

First of all, grateful for the conversation I had with our Mission President. It was really relieving to me!

As for our work, well, I guess I learned a lot. I'll try to always look on the positive side of things. Change is for the better.  I guess I'm pressuring myself too much. Though I don't notice it at times, but I'll really work on it to help me gain the ability President taught me. As we woke up this morning, Elder Castillo and I really had a great conversation with him. I guess I'm just a bit impatient at times. Haha! I'm getting excited this next transfer and I'll always be open to my companion. Like what you said, if it's hard in the mission, it's even harder after the mission. So, I really need to grab the opportunity to change a lot here. My mission had really molded me and made me better each day. And there are still a lot of things to do and learn.

We had our specialized training last Monday with the Zone Leaders and Elder Ruivivar and I did some team-teaching on working with the members, their importance and how could we help them become member-missionaries. I shared some story with them relating it to missionary work that the greatest source we could have in furthering the work are the members. We have learned a lot in that training, even I as well. It's really important that we get the trust of the members. In Preach My Gospel there's a question for us Missionaries to evaluate ourselves if we are becoming a "burden" or a "blessing" to the bishop and the ward. So, if we're panted or we don't know where to go, we'll visit a member, share with them and ask if there's any help they need from us, that we're ready to serve them. We're getting more dinner appointments and it's great because those are from the Less-Actives, so we're getting to know them and at the same time, build their confidence and rekindle their testimony to go back to church.

Elder Capoquian and Elder Castillo did so well in their training. Elder Castillo is now working on his listening skills while Elder Capoquian is working on with the language and BRT skills. I think I really have learned a lot in the training. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow. And I really need to adapt and love my companions. For the past weeks, I'm feeling better unless I relapse. So, I will make some goals and ask help from my companion to avoid any relapses again in the following weeks. Training a Missionary is fun. In my case, double the fun. Haha! At times, I do feel down. But, it's all up to me and my choice to be down or not. One thing impacted me the most in the blessing that President has given me to be honest to myself and to enjoy the work. I really need to work on it. It was a wonderful blessing. It comforted me and made my day.  I guess that's what I feel with the leaders in the church considering that I don't have much of those father-son discussions and conversations.

The District is doing well and we know we'll be making some improvements this coming transfer. We're getting united. And we'll see with the coming weeks. On District Meeting next Monday, we'll conduct a simple activity to know each other more in the District and what can we do to help each other. It'll be something to look forward to.

So that's our week! Thank you everyone! I love you all!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission