Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Ups and Downs - Week 82.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Hi everyone! Thanks for the e-mails! ^^

Anyways, Meg!!!! Happy Birthday! Hahaha! Apir!

Okay, time for news. Sadly, our baptism got postponed. :( 
We were sad to move Bro. R's baptism. He's still having relapses with his word of wisdom problem. So, Elder Somoray and I decided to move his baptismal date to further prepare him. He told us how he felt disappointed and sad since he's having a hard time removing his word of wisdom problems. We showed encouragement to him that he can do it and it's great to see how he reaches to us for help. His baptismal date now is on November 3, so we'll update you more on that next week. Aside from that, he's still progressing in terms of other aspects. His aunt even told us that she's surprised as well of the changes Bro. Ronnie had made for himself. He's really so different from the first time we've met him. He loves the Gospel now. We could see how he badly wants to stay with his aunt so he could further learn more of the Gospel and receive the blessings Heavenly Father prepared for him.

Aside from that, we're still focusing on our progressing investigators and preparing them to enter into the waters of baptism. Bro. B is progressing! He's reading the Book of Mormon and is excited to learn more although he still has some doubts but we know that he has a testimony because he conveys to us his feelings most especially with the Spirit.

The C couple are doing well. Brother knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and believes the Book of Mormon to be true. Sister is the one we're having problems with. Still, the Spirit knows what to do. We were able to commit Brother to be baptized on the 30th but Sister said that she's already baptized. We're focusing on them as well and we'll be inviting them to come to church.

Anyways, our Less-Actives are still progressing! The ward, most specifically the Bishop, is helping us so much! He had already interviewed most of the less-actives we invited him to meet during Sunday Services. Two of them are cousin and brother of Bro. R. We've really seen the changes in their countenances and how they are happy to be back at church and to understand the Gospel. They always surprise us when they share their spiritual experiences to us.

The ward is very supportive. I love this area, as well as my previous areas. It is really true that we are servants. Despite how hard others may say about the area, I do believe that the Lord has a way to help the area and to find people prepared to receive the blessings of the Gospel, may it be investigators, less-actives, or members alike. We are grateful for the ward's enthusiasm in helping us. :)

In my personal study this week, I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon. I really love how courageous Samuel the Lamanite was in preaching the gospel to the wicked Nephites. He has shown a great desire to help his brethren. It inspires me to even work more and to continually open our mouths.

Lastly, just want to share a message from our less-active who recently came back to church. It's heartwarming to know they are progressing:

"Hi elder musta kayo?dito na nga pala Ako sa Dubai sa husband ko maraming salamat sa prayer ninyo..tska sa maraming salamat sa pag encourage at naiinspire Ako sa tulong ninyo malaking Bagay para sa akin ang effort na ginawa ninyo sa aming family,kaka tapos Lang ng scripture study namin ni brother ngaun...again I'm happy that the spirit Is still with us and to my family, ingats kau lagi sana mas Madami pa kaung mabinyagan na mga souls at makilala nila ang tooting simbahan ng maramdaman nila ang tooting kaligayahan sa buhay ingats elders...till we meet again:-))"

Smile! Hehe... Well, transfers just transpired the past week. We did a lot this week to help our Zone Leaders with the transfers. Still, we managed to get the work done. This week, we'll be doing some finding! I can't wait how Elder Somoray will do his conversation approaches.

So, that's our week! I'll update you all next week. Ingats! :D


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