Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sugar Cane? Anyone? - Week 83.Serving in Alubijid 2nd


Good day!! Brother R's finally getting baptized! Yay! His interview with our Mission President wemt well! We still need to check up on him first and really prepare him to do that covenant with the Lord. Nevertheless, Elder Somoray and I were talking about the converting power of the Gospel. Knowing Brother R's life before, lead us to a discussion on how the Gospel can really change people's hearts once they learn the happiness it could bring them. It was thrilling, stressful, and hard! Hahaha! But, all was worth it... ^^

Anyways, work was great again this week. We tried finding in an area where I guess Missionaries have never been there before for so long. Elder Somoray and I will be fasting to establish the church there if circumstances are right, so future missionaries could work there. We're having a lot of progressing investigators and we're focusing on each one to really help them to get to the waters of baptism. We have 17 now progressing and counting. But, some are having a hard time to do this and that, now we know what it feels when investigators don't do this and that. Haha... It makes us unhappy for them because they're losing a lifetime of blessings. It's such a great moment in the Mission to work with a lot of people. We know that Satan will do everything to stop those people to progress but we have faith that the Spirit will touch their lives and testify of them of the truthfulness of the Gospel.

The C Family is one of the people we're focusing. Brother is so much interested although Sister still has doubts. We're praying and fasting for them to take those steps necessary for baptism. What happened last time was, we were able to teach the whole family for the first time! It was such a great opportunity and Elder Somoray and I talked about it and are carefully planning for them. We're hoping to see more progress from them.

Another family we're focusing is the B family. Sister is Less-active and the rest are nonmembers. A member is encouraging her and she will be coming to church this Sunday! Yay! We have hopes that they'll come as a family since we are already teaching three of her children and each has a baptismal date already. We're looking forward again for Sunday.

As for the Less-actives, all is going well. We had some less-actives come to church for the first time. It was wonderful. Fasting really works as always. Haha. I guess Elder Somoray and I really have faith when it comes to the power of fasting. We know that we are really entitled to the Lord's help for we are on His errand.

It's so heartwarming to feel the help of the ward. Bishop is helping us big time. I know that as we serve faithfully in each unit, despite the challenges we could face there, there is greater good along the way. It's one of the testimonies I've gained ever since. Sometimes, others may say it's hard in a unit because there's no support, etc. But, the Lord really has a purpose for missionaries to be in a unit because they are there to serve, to help, and uplift the members and bring much good in the area. It's so fun to do the Lord's work. I am really happy :)

Just want to share a cool experience where it brought laughter to Elder Somoray and me... We were in a teaching appointment when one of the youth confessed to us the reason why the young men are not working with me and Elder Somoray. The reason, "we're working so hard". LOL! It gave us a good laugh. But I guess, they'll understand the work better when it's their time to serve. Still, we're happy with a lot of members helping us.

So, that's our week. I love sugar canes! Hahaha! I had fun nibbling all of 'em. We brought some home but, mostly, it was me who consumed it all. Haha! Have a great week guys!

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