Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Exclamation Point! - Week 80.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Aloha to all! General Conference was great! Haha! I've learned so much from it. I got to meet the members in my previous area since we are on the same stake. Haha! I had some pictures with some of the members and two of the coolest kids I'm close with.

So, what have you learned from the conference? Would like to hear from you though. One of the coolest talks I like would be the one with "Exclamation Point". It made me remember what one of the church leaders told us to "not put a question mark on a commandment where the Lord puts and exclamation point"... something like that. It's really great! And I know you guys also wrote down a lot of things. Hehe.

Well, Elder Somoray and I are having an increasing testimony about fasting. One day, as we evaluated, we talked about it and how it helps us to have "self-mastery". We recalled a recent talk in the Conference about it and discussed so many things! It was spiritual. I, myself can't believe I'm eager to fast for others. I guess that's inevitable when you're a Missionary and when you really care for them. We're having great experiences.

With regards to self-mastery, me and my companion are doing our best to overcome temptations. Kinda hard when your kabahays with leaders that are kinda off. But, we need to be patient and do our part of the work. Anyways, we're really enjoying it. :)

Early this morning we went to a mangrove rehabilitation site and spent some unwinding there. I really love nature! Hahaha! We also found some mudskippers there. So cool! They're fish with legs or something. The best part is, they kinda skip in the land, jumping all around. Haha! Hope you could see some! I've attached some pictures for you guys to see.

The mission is going way too fast! I can't believe it! There's still much work to do. So much more people to talk to and teach about the Gospel. I'm grateful to be a part of those 80,000+ missionaries serving all around the world. I'm grateful for Heavenly Father's love for all of us, most especially, I'm grateful for receiving the Gospel in my life. It made me understand that God has a plan for us, for us to be happy and for us to find peace in this life.

So, till next week then! :)

Elder Dimazana

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