Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fully-loaded! - Week 16.Serving in Cagayan

What the fudge! I'm having a weird schedule for my e-mails since my hands are full with office work. Hahaha! It's kinda fun but so tiring! Geez! I'm still trying my best to organize everything. My works are overlapping so I'm trying to trim them down, simplify, and make it on schedule. I still have 5 weeks to go before I can finalize my cycle schedule. Ha!

Anyways, week was great. Something cool happened. Well, because I'm so close with my MTC Companion, while I'm in my first area, I mailed his parents a letter thanking them that I was able to be companions with their son and told them the blessings he has given me. I felt writing it that time and what do you know, it helped his family so much! I never expected that! The letter helped his parents after arguing. I'm so thankful I followed what I felt that time. I never thought that a simple thank you letter would make such impact.

As for my area, I really love my area! Hahahaha! It's like I'm not far away at all. Funny, but I feel I've been here before. And some parts of my areas, I'm having deja vu. Hahaha. I'm aiming to tract down those parts. And also, I love my new companion! We're so close! Hahaha... It's like when I was in the MTC. I feel our companionship. And I'm so thankful I'm companions with him. He's Elder Pangilinan, from Nueva Ecija. And, he looks like a korean. Hahahaha! Sometimes I feel I have a foreigner companion. So cool! The difference is, we speak Cebuano. Hahahaha! :P

As for our work this week, well it's tiring 'coz I got trained the past week for being the new Personal Secretary and then we work. Work was good and less-active members are just coming at us! It's like they are finding us. So, we're grateful for that. 

I'm learning a lot especially about my weaknesses. It's kinda hard to be the Missionary the Lord wants us to be. Truly, the hardest part in serving a mission is serving through partial obedience (Pres. McIff, Provo MTC). It's so cool when one understands the sacredness of this calling. Being a missionary sure is hard, but I know it's all worth it. One thing I've learned is going about doing right. Just like the quote I've heard from an F.H.E., that "when God speaks and we obey, we will always be right." It is true. There is happiness when you always choose to do that which is right. It comforts me whenever I read D&C 64:29.

I do feel weak at times about standing for that which is right. But, it helped me realize how the Lord will build me as I let Him. To have the gift of agency and just do the right things, it helps me grow! It humbles me when I realize such things. I'm just happy whenever I have that courage to stand for that I know is right and help others understand it as well.

Thank you all for your love and support! It really helps me and comfort me (:
Do pouch in some mails for me. Pretty please????? I would love to read them. Hehehe....

Sorry! No pictures... I'll try to send some in the coming weeks, right now, my hands are full with office works. Wahahaha! It's quite challenging to be in the office and proselyte at the same time. Being in the office, most missionaries say that I'll get trunky, that I'll miss the whole day work, etc. For me, it's quite the opposite. To be able to receive such responsibility in helping the mission and at the same time proselyting, I can't imagine why one would get trunky or so when we are actually loaded with works! 

Oh well. That's my week. Have a great week ahead everyone! 


Elder Dimazana
Personal/Travel Secretary 
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Monday, 23 July 2012

"The Office" (Season One) - Week 15.Serving in Cagayan

And I got transferred last Friday and was called as the new Personal Secretary of our mission! Geez! Though it was funny because the Assistants called me to inform me when I'll go to the office. They were telling me the details and I was just replying with 'okay'. Hahaha! 'Coz I already know I'm transferring.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to my friends, Averelle and Jasper! Hahaha! I know you're coming here because I'm in the office and that's my work! Prepare as much as you can before coming here. I hope you can read this. I'll just see you around here when you arrive. Ha!

So, working a bit late here in the Office. Transfers are really the times we office staffs are busy but I can cope with that. I still need to familiarize myself with the schedule, get things done as early as possible, and a lot of stuffs. I dunno why most people say that when one gets assigned in the office they get trunky. When I arrived here, I actually enjoyed being transferred here! Weird! Maybe because we have special assignments and we still need to work! Ha! That's really interesting and I'm challenged with it. (:

Oh, and I so LOOOOOOOVE our area! I'm back in the city! Hahaha... Freak, I miss the city. And also, I'm excited to work with my new companion! He's great and we get along so well. I'm stoked to see what will happen with us in the coming transfers because we will be companions for quite a while.

What I learned this week is about leadership. I'm so thankful I followed the advice of the people there before coming here. I've learned that when one is placed in a leadership role, they also have additional investigators, the missionaries under them. One cannot make someone obedient. Rather, they could help them to be one! It's kinda hard to explain, but the things I understand here in the mission is so great!

Anyways, I love this quote from Pres. Uchtdorf, "We are nothing compared to Him, but we are everything to Him". I just learned the importance of knowing that I'm one His children. Oh boy! Sorry, no pictures! Next time for sure. I'm still getting myself acquainted with my duties here.

I love you all! I'm still waiting for your pouches :(
Hopefully I could receive one... Now I know why Missionaries love reading letters! Please pouch us some. It helps a lot! You'll realize it when you become one. Hehehe...

So, have a great week everyone! Take care!

-Elder Dimazana
Personal/Travel Secretary
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Want to share this wonderful verse, D&C 64:29 which helped me to do my best in being the Missionary the Lord wants me to be because as His servant, it will only become His business when we do His will. :)

11 Weeks and pulled-out! What??! - Week 14.Serving in Jimenez

Oh boy! I'm TRANSFERRING!!!!!!!!!!!

I got informed earlier because I'm going to be an Office Elder. Shucks! That was fast! I'm just done with my training and there you go. I'll be transferred! In the office... I guess I'll be there for a WHILE. Hahaha!

This week is really a blessed week for me. A 'LOT' has happened. Quite interesting as well. Anyways, last Sunday, we had 13 Less-Active members come to Church! It's a whopping number for me indeed. To be able to see them come back, it made my Sunday! Hahaha... I was happy all day. Geez, now I know what a Missionary feels when they see someone come to Church. Hahaha! It's amazing.

What made my day too is knowing that the person whom I'm inspiring to go on a Mission is getting his Patriarchal Blessing! I know he'll go and serve a Mission. I was just repeating the words "oh freak!" since I dunno what to say. I was just happy.  :D

Well, this week, I felt more sensitive to the Spirit. There are times that when we work, I just continuously ask questions, listen, discern and teach. It's amazing! It's kinda cool to just focus on the people you are teaching and really putting yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, as a Missionary, how can I help them to be interested in our message and to just have that Spiritual confirmation from the Holy Ghost. Relying on the Spirit have helped us to have lessons that we know they understood.

During our District Meeting, I've learned not to focus on statistics, as I always do. Some Missionaries really like achieving the Standard of Excellence here, which is good, but on my mind, I remembered 3 words, "Quality and Quantity". It made me remember Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's message that the people we teach are not just baptismal statistics. That they are our brothers and sisters. I do believe that it is really important to have quality lessons because we are helping others to come unto Christ. That teaching is more than talking and telling. When one understands the sacredness of this calling, they will really see the beauty of this work. To see with Spiritual eyes and hear with Spiritual ears. It's amazing and I love it.

One more I've learned this week is about obedience. A member shared to us about a great quote during our Family Home Evening that I can never forget, "When God speaks and we obey, we will always be right". The mission is full of challenges and temptations. It is better to obey Him. To just focus on things that we can do and not on the things we can't do. It's better to just do the work the way the Lord wants it to be done. And while reading Preach My Gospel, I stumbled upon pages 6 and 7. It was what we are doing in the MTC. To help people gain a testimony of the truthfulness of our message especially the Book of Mormon.

What a fulfilling week it is! I love this work. The things that one can learn from serving a Mission cannot be compared to those in the world. This calling is really the best! I love this work because I know it is the Lord's work. I encourage you all to read 2 Nephi 29:8-10, to really give time to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon. Let us try the virtue of the word of God (Alma 31:5).  And I know, our faith will really grow as we do so. I know these are true. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Take care you all! And also, I want to thank Meg and Kish for the letters! Thank you!!! They are my first letters I received in the Mission! Hehe. I'm still pouching in some letters next week. Thanks for the support and love. I love you all and stay strong in the Gospel! Peace! (:

-Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Hello Tatay! - Week 13.Serving in Jimenez

Well, happy birthday to my dearest brother back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone for the e-mails as well! Geez! Another week had passed again. Anyways, this week's fun... SUPER FUN! I've learned so much from my studies this week. It's so COOL!!!!!!!!!

After e-mails Tuesday last week, I rested again and continued taking my meds until last Sunday. Had my follow-up check up yesterday and all went well. Wednesday study time, I read the Liahona for my personal study, particularly the General Conference Addresses. It was great and I've learned so much! One thing I can't forget would be Pres. Thomas S. Monson's quote which says, "Do the work that is best, leave unto God the rest". It continued until my Scripture studies. I'm now reading the New Testament alongside with Doctrine and Covenants. I've learned so much especially the importance of preaching the Gospel. It gave me insights to things I never knew before.

What surprised me is my Trainer's visit in the ward I'm serving! Whew! It was a total shock! I was speechless and happy at the same time. I can't believe he's here. Hahaha! He even worked with me. So, yeah... I'm with my two companions for a while now.

Work's great this week. We're contacting more Less-Actives and finding New Investigators. It's kinda interesting to just tract down the members 'coz we meet new people and their culture here is interesting. Haha... One of the coolest things with the work this week was with a part-member. Before going to that appointment, we were thinking of going to another Less-Active who didn't go to church that Sunday. Still, we pursued with the plan and went to a Less-Active and met her mother. We talked to her and taught her a few principles in Lesson 1. It was great. At the end, we invited her to pray. It took us some time to have her pray but we did it! We had her pray! And at the end of her prayer, she was in tears. She was thankful for us finding and teaching her. She was feeling so light and her head was cleared. It was amazing! Her daughter, the Less-Active member was crying too after hearing her mom's prayer. I knew by that time that the Holy Ghost has testified to her that our message is indeed true. How privileged are we to have a member of the Godhead testifying to the people of our message.

Anyways, that's my week. Haha... I dunno what will happen this week. I have a little news but I want to hold on it for a while and make sure of it first. Hehe... Love you guys! Thanks for everything! Keep the updates and do write me letters! Hahahaha!


Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission