Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Mighty Change of Heart - Week 81.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Good day! Well, this week was an awesome week for me and Elder Somoray. We had a lot of great spiritual experiences in our work! It feels so great!

Things are going good and I'm enjoying the work each day! I am feeling the Lord's love in abundance! I can never tell how grateful I am to be here in the Mission Field. It feels wonderful! Sometimes, one day is short, hahaha! I guess that happens when you enjoy what you do. :)

Anyways, Sister D's baptism (the daughter of a less-active mother who is now active) was successful! Though it won't count to us as a convert since she's 8 years old, nevertheless, we're happy that she's now a member. The whole family are happy. Her mother has changed a lot! We could see in her countenance the change that took place with her. She always tell us that she feels the spirit big time now, and the favorite word she always tell us whenever we commit her to do something is the word "bound", from a scripture mastery in Doctrine and Covenants 82:10 "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." She learned it in Relief Society Class. Elder Somoray and I was so surprised with the great change she have now. She even fasted for a special purpose and she is so happy whenever she tells us her spiritual experiences. We're so happy for her and her family. Her husband is being encouraged too to be active. Sister will be flying to Dubai this Wednesday so we'll really miss teaching her, but we know that as she reunites with her husband, they'll do all they can to go back to the temple. We're so glad to be a part of their lives.

As for our investigators, we will be having a baptism this Saturday. Yay! He is brother R. We are so happy with the changes that are taking place in his life. This week, after we taught him about important commandments, we were surprised with the change in his countenance! He told us that he's realizing a lot of things and that he hungers to feel the Spirit more in his life. He's receiving personal revelation more than before and we are so happy on how the Gospel changed his life. His brother and cousin are receiving such changes in their lives as well. It's so great to see how the Gospel changes lives. Elder Somoray and I are so surprised with his countenance. It's just surreal! I know that as one knows more about the Gospel, it will help them become close with God.

Last Sunday, we had 85 members in attendance. It's so great to see how less-actives are coming back to church. We had 14 less-actives who came to church, and most of them have been interviewed by Bishop already. Elder and Somoray always thank God for how he blesses these people. We know that we are just instruments. And, these experiences touches me so much. It makes me love the Gospel more. I guess this is the joy that comes from doing the Lord's work. It is so surreal to feel that "burning in the bosom" whenever we work or teach someone. It converts us as well.

One of the greatest things that I've learned this week is the importance of members. We had this less-active couple who are struggling with their lives and sister wants to resolve it by going away with their daughter. It will sadden us if that happens. I kinda remembered how hard it is to not have the Gospel especially in a family setting. As the only member in the church, I've understood how Gospel really blesses our families. I have faith that in time, my family will receive the Gospel as well and enjoy the blessings that I'm receiving and the happiness that comes from it. We prayed for the Lord's help and the only answer we received is to have Bishop with us. Last Sunday, Bishop went with us to that less-active couple. We taught the importance of families, the roles of fathers and mothers and the eternal destiny of each family. God really loves them. We have felt it. Through the help of Bishop, they were able to not resolve it in running away. It gave them hope that all will be well as they try to be more faithful and patient with their trials. Elder Somoray and I are so much grateful with all the things that transpired this week. We're so happy :)

We're constantly improving ourselves to become better persons each day. Our companionship is just strong! We're happy with our companionship and for the things that we're constantly learning from each other. I know that as a trainer, I think I was the one who benefited much with the training. I know I've been training for a long time, but each trainee that I handle teaches me something so unique that it humbles me to know them better and to learn from them. I am so happy.

Well, that's our great week! I've attached some pictures. One was with Bro. Ezra Open. He was assigned in Masagana 2nd before with Elder Atwood. I met him here. Small world! Hahaha! Also, we had a picture of a primary whom Elder Somoray and I do play all the time. She's just adorable! Hahah! We won't forget her family. And, all the members here as well. They are so supportive. I am loving the area more and more. Hahaha...

Thanks for everything everyone!!!! Hope to hear from all of you again.

Elder Dimazana

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