Thursday, 26 April 2012

To the Mission Areas! - Week 3 at the MTC

So, our MTC Experience is done already... Freak! Our last e-mail time here... Tomorrow, we're going to our Mission Areas! That was so fast! 19 days went by like "What was that?!" (Our MTC President's favorite phrase). Anyways, this last week is so great! I loved it. Me and my companion get-along so well, our companionship is just phenomenal. Hahaha... Words can't describe how great our companionship is. I love my companion. He has taught me a lot from his example. I'll miss him when we go out in the field. I have gained another great friend. We've learned a lot from each other, supported each other, helped each other, and what's most important is trust each other. He's a great companion, close friend and a dear brother to me... He's such a blessing to me. I'm so glad that I got to know him. What a great start for my mission.

In a jiffy, we're going to the temple. Our last temple session because the next one would be after our missions! 2 years! But it'll be over when we realize it. I am so looking forward for tomorrow, but sad at the same time because we are leaving a great place where we learned almost everything we need to prepare ourselves on a journey, doing the Lord's work. I'll miss the Roll Calls, Gym time, FOOD! Hahaha... I really gained weight, both my companion and I. Hahaha! Can't help ourselves with Ice Cream! Hahaha...

I'll surely treasure every experience I have here at the MTC and I can't wait what's in store for me in the Mission Field. During my Departure Interview, Pres. Martinez told me something that made me pondered a lot and made me smile. He said, "The Lord is preparing you for something big in the future". I know that going on a Mission is hard but it is noble, honorable and worth it. Why wouldn't it be if you're literally doing the Lord's business as long as it is according to His will.

I have known my Savior more deeply after watching Finding Faith in Christ. I am excited to know him more as I go on with my mission and with my life. Thank you everyone for your support and love. I have lots of stories to tell but I don't have much time to type it all. Hahaha... Next week, you'll see pictures since we can upload them for sure 'coz we're out in the field....

I love this work. I have come to know my purpose as a Missionary more deeply, how sacred and great my calling is. I just can't comprehend it. I know that this Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that Pres. Monson is the Lord's prophet here on earth. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all! :)

Elder Christian Angelo Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Almost shipping out! - Week 2 at the MTC

Our last week here at the MTC is approaching. Freak! Time's just too fast here. And so is 2 years... This experience have humbled me so much in every way. I have learned a lot while I am here. My knowledge about the Gospel has increased and my testimony as well. It truly is the best decision I made in my life. Serving the Lord is really great! Doing His business as long as it's according to His will feels so great. I'm so happy to be here.

One of the best things I've learned about here is prayer. Although I've got accustomed to it for years, never have I experienced a powerful prayer personally. But because of my companion's example, I've learned a lot. Prayer has become more personal to me. I feel the Spirit. It's just great! It comforts me and makes me happy.

Yesterday, we had MTC Exchanges, it's where we have a proselyting activity with Missionaries out in the field. I was companions with E. Blotter, he's from Salt Lake City, Utah, and we worked in Batasan 1st. The last lesson was just great. Even though we taught a Less-Active Member, we can see in the eyes of the Sister that she still has that hope that everything will be well. We shared the Plan of Salvation and she really did felt our message. It just reminded me of the times before my mission. What I've learned from that experience is that Faith is really important. Trials and challenges are normal but it is not normal to give up. When you have faith, you'll have hope that everything will be alright. I rememberer Elder Wirthlin's talk about challenges. "Come what may and love it". I do miss my family and I love them so much. I know that Heavenly Father will prepare them to receive the Gospel in His time. I just need to patiently wait for that time.

Everything's great here. I love the Gospel. It has blessed me in countless ways. I know that following our Savior will lead us back to our Father in Heaven. He loves us so much. I know that this church is the true church here on Earth. I know it, and God knows it. I know that we have a living prophet today, Pres. Thomas S. Monson. Heavenly Father has plans for each of us. He wants us to be happy in this life and the next to come.

Thank you everyone for your support and love. I miss all of you! Sorry if I can't upload pictures yet, I'll upload them once we are out. Sorry if it's taking a long time for me to write letters. There's just so much work to do and so little time. Thank you for understanding but I will write. Don't worry.

I love you all! Mamingaw ko kamo sa akoang pag-adto didto sa mission. We'll be flying to CDO next week! I know that the things I shared are true. And I leave these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

With love,
Elder Christian Angelo Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Saturday, 14 April 2012

And it all begins! - Week 1 at the MTC

1st week here in the MTC is so great! I'm learning a lot! This I think is the best decision I have made in my entire life! Okay, so here's what happened for the week.

I arrived here at the Philippines Missionary Training Center last Saturday, and I'm happy that my mom and sister was there when I was set-apart as a full-time missionary. It's cool to see the missionaries seeing me go. Elders Waite, Pleños, Lim, McDonald, Stoddard, Atwood, Stallings, and Raiwalui was there to see me go. It was cool 'coz they all sang "Called To Serve" when I was about to leave. Bishop Mendoza, Pres. Ardon, Tita Grace, Kuya Emman, Ate Donna, my mom and my sister, and my bestfriend Ace went with me as I go here at the MTC.

I never have thought to have the full-support of my mom before I go. It just happened, it's really cool! Truly, the Lord can do things I we can't imagine...

As for things here in the MTC, my companion is Elder Visitacion. He's from Palawan. I love our companionship... Haha! He's a great guy and I'm learning a lot from him. So yeah, at last, my very first companion... Our roommates are Elder Collado, he's from Parañaque and Elder Aloc who's from Daet, Bicol. It's great to be in their company and we're having a lot of good times and learnings while we're here.

Last night, we had an MTC Devotional where Elder Teh and Sister Teh were the speakers. It helped me focused and realized the reason why I'm here. I am so grateful to go on a mission. I am privileged to do the Lord's work as long as I'm doing it according to His will.

The Spirit is really strong here in the MTC and I am truly grateful for feeling the love of our Father in Heaven. I am grateful to enter the temple again! 2 months of waiting is truly worth it! Haha...

Anyways, I can't upload pictures here but I'll upload them as soon as I'm out in the field.
It's a humbling experience to be here and I know that my family will be blessed because of this. I just remembered my favorite verse in the Bible, "To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven - Ecclesiastes 3:1".

Now I know why Return Missionaries say that it is the best 2 years of their lives. It truly is. I'm just beginning but things are at its best already....

Mamingaw ko man kamo!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission

Monday, 2 April 2012

Off I go...

Oh well... It was a fast 2 months of waiting! Hahaha! So, off I go! Write some letters to me or e-mail me... I'll miss everyone... Haha...

Here's my Mission Address by the way:

Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission
Cor Kauswagan Rd & Faustino Neri St
RER Subd, Kauswagan, Cagayan De Oro City
9000 Misamis Oriental

Or e-mail me at:

See you after 2 years! Oh yeah! XD

Few Days Before I Leave

Of course, bonding with my cousins! Spent some time at Fairview, and bonded with my cousins... I'll miss them when I leave... It'll be 2 years but its ok.

At least, my Last Sunday was jam-packed... Hahaha! Went first to Masagana 2nd, testified and said goodbye to them... Then, went to San Isidro 1st Ward. Had some pictures there. Hahaha!

Then, went to the Stake and saw Antipolo 2nd Ward members... Oh boy... Then, attended my Ward's service. Its cool. I bore my testimony before I leave and I'll freakin miss Antipolo Stake! Oh man... Then, went to a Family Home Evening, played some games, had good talks with my friends and ended my day... a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working with and meeting the Missionaries

So, its been almost 11 months of working with the Missionaries.... Hahaha... It's just tight to learn from them... I'll miss these guys when I go... After all, I'm just a few days away! Oh geez...

Oh well, there are still more pictures but anyways, I'll post them, I mean, my cousin will post them during my mission. After all, he'll be the moderator for this blog... Hahaha... It's been fun to be knowing the missionaries in the Philippines Quezon City Mission... and of course, knowing some Elders in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission... Oh yeah!

It really is fun to know a lot of Missionaries... They've been examples to me. I learned a lot from them and from their stories... Hehe... So much for 'Elder Blank' (I have a blank name tag, that's what they call me) 'coz I'll be Elder Dimazana in no time... 

Deciding to Serve

Well, going on a mission, how to say this... It really is not in my plan for this year... I was planning 2015 or so... But what do you know, the Lord really knows more than me... Well, my visit to my cousin in Fairview started it all. I worked with the Elders there for some reason. I just felt working even though I haven't done it ever. Turns out, I experienced my very first Family Home Evening! It's just great...

And, when I got back home, I visited my friends for an activity at the Church. Turns out, I was outside most of the time, pondering on what seems to be a desire to go on a mission... Kuya Emman told me to read D&C 4. And what do you know, after praying and fasting, I decided to go... Who wouldn't when all of the talks during your Sunday Service would tell you to go on a mission now... Hahaha! Oh well, at least I know what His answer is.

My Baptism

So yeah, it all started when I got baptized... Haha... Who'd have thought I'll be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It took me almost 3 years before I got baptized... I got baptized Oct. 23, 2010... Coolest part is, my bestfriend Acefred batpized me...

Truly those 3 years was worth the wait... I attended four chapels that time before I landed in my ward now (Antipolo 1st). From Masagana 2nd Ward, to San Isidro 2nd Branch, San Isidro 1st Ward and finally, got baptized in Antipolo 1st Ward... At least, a lot of people were there... Stake! LOL! Everything is cool. And, yeah, I'm a member now, officially... Haha