Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sick??? and... Hospitalized - Week 12.Serving in Jimenez

How are you guys!? Grabe! I got hospitalized! Freak!!!! I never thought that I'll be hospitalized so early, and I wasn't able to attend Church... Oh boy...

Anyways, this week went by so fast. I have learned so much this week especially about patience, diligence and humility. It's kinda hard though when you're always told what to do although you know it. But, I have learned to don't focus on things I can see others are doing the wrong way, rather, help them to improve by being an example...

About my health, I got diagnosed and confined with Pneumonia for 4 days and 3 nights! Oh man! I did love the aircon though. Haha... But seriously, I had a lot time of pondering while in the hospital... Right now I'm still recovering. I'm taking up some meds for the next 7 days.

Anyways, yesterday was our District Meeting. All of a sudden, my companion (DL) urged to have an open forum. During that time, each of us will say something to another missionary, in front. I was like, that's interesting. It went great and I felt the Spirit. I never knew the District really look up to my example, even though I'm just doing small things but they appreciate it. I really felt the Spirit so strong during those times and it comforted me so much! Gaah! To see how you can be an example to others, it is just great! I dunno if I'll get transferred though... I still need to keep up with my companion's work pace 'coz he works more than I usually do. Hopefully, he slows down and consider me. Haha... It's kinda hard to push myself to the limits. But I know that by having the right pace of work will help me...

So yeah, that's my week. I love you all! Keep strong in the Gospel. The growth here is truly amazing! Thank you for your support! Take care!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

After Zone Interview
At the Oroquieta Stake Center
Me and my companion
From Mindanao with love
How long is this chapel???

Comfort from the Spirit - Week 11.Serving in Jimenez

So, Belated Happy Father's Day to all... Geez, this week's really got me! Anyways, my companion is hardworking which is really great. Though, I got so worn out this whole week... I dunno why but working in the morning then in the afternoon really got me tired... I really felt so tired and I don't want to be a burden to my companion. I actually felt going home but I know it's Satan's tool to derail me off the path I want. I didn't know what I felt. I talked to my companion about a few things and he asked me for forgiveness for the things he said that I don't like. I pleaded Heavenly Father for comfort and help after that. I asked my companion that we'll go out a bit late so I can recover and be able to teach, which we did.

The following days, I still feel so heavy but the Spirit lightens me up every lesson and every person I talk to. I received different answers as I kneel down and pray each night. The first one was to comfort me. It was cool because I woke up feeling so good by Friday morning. Then, the second was I guess a warning because I had a bad dream and in that dream a big snake's in front of us while we are working, ready to attack us. When it attacked us, I woke up. It was actually weird because I still don't know what it means but I'm eager to be carefully aware of our surroundings.

Sunday came and I was one of the speakers. While preparing for my talk, I came across a scripture verse in the Book of Mormon about not being able to run more than we can. And it was the final answer for my prayers. Just to tell President Hernaez about how I'm feeling with the work 'coz tomorrow's Zone Interviews. I dunno what he'll say to me. I'm really having a hard time working in the morning and in the afternoon 'coz I get exhausted easily although back at home I work like a madman everyday. Haha... But it was just in the afternoon. I want to give my best in the mission. Whatever he tells me, I'll humbly accept it.

Reading e-mails and experiences from other people have strengthened me and inspired me throughout the week. Although it's a stressful week for me, I have learned a ton. And, I just finished reading the Book of Mormon! Yes! I'm now onto Doctrine and Covenants and the New Testament, at the same time. My language study is getting along well now. Looking at the bright side, I have learned things which I never understood before. I love the last chapter of Moroni. I have learned so much from that chapter as I finish reading the Book of Mormon.

Anyways, I miss speaking English to someone I know! Haha... And I'm still waiting for the pouches (If there's any). I've pouched in a TON this transfer, hopefully I could receive one from you guys! It's been a tiresome week for me. Nevertheless, I trust in Him for all we do. It's kinda neat to see how personal revelations are received. Next week, I'll try to be more sensible to the Spirit than I have ever been before. I want to act on those promptings and I'm developing my courage to do so.

That's my week. I want to hear from you guys!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Vain. LOL!
Relieving my stress.
Jungle! Kidding!

The Three Musketeers??? - Week 10.Serving in Jimenez

Happy Independence Day to all of you! Well, this week was very interesting... I had trisome with 2 of my DistrictMates since my Trainer finished his mission already. Though he's trunky, I do miss him 'coz he takes care of me so much! Haha... Funny but true...

Anyways, last Wednesday I'm companions with one of the ward members. We had a great day indeed! I was leading everything. It's so cool. I already know what to do, well, that's if I'm leading... We had a great time and the Spirit was just so strong in our studies! He told me I have inspired him to really go on a Mission now and he's thankful for that day. It made me happy. Anyways, we were able to find a family investigator! They are receptive and they love to hear the Gospel. I'm stoked 'coz that day, we are just passing by and I believe that the Lord is placing people in our paths. It's crazy! At the end of the day, we learned so much from each other and I can't wait to do that again...

Then Thursday and Friday came... The trisome happened. Well, I was with E. Vergara and E. Rosario... We had a great time though we walked so far! Hahaha! Anyways, during Friday morning, we had a great study indeed! Geez, I really love leading things when I feel like to. All three of us were amazed on how great that study and practice teaching went by... We are always saying "Pastilan! Astig! Grabe!". It's hard to explain though... Gaah! Haha... Then, it's so funny because for this past week that I don't have my companion, people are just coming at us! We even had a referral while we are walking! Oh boy... Work, work, work... I'm so thankful that I'm reading always Preach My Gospel especially the White Handbook! It's so great! I love applying everything that's in it. I guess that's the reason why my week is fruitful.

Well, my new companion now is E. Basag. He's from Bicol. I'm still adjusting with our companionship 'coz he loves to do everything in his point of view. Haha. But I'm trying my best, again, to be an example. Oh well, I'm learning a lot in adjustments and adapting to changes here in the Mission Field. Patience... Hahaha! But, I'm thankful 'coz he's on-the-go with the work.

I'm loving my first area and for some reason I feel I'll miss it... Oh man, I dunno what's in store next transfer... Hahaha! And also, our Mission President was present in our District Meeting! Surprise! Haha... But it went great and that visit reinforced me to just step things up, that our work will progress. I'm thankful for the Leaders in the Church to guide us and help us progress.

So yeah, that's my week so far... This morning we played basketball with the Young Men in our ward... Had a great exercise! Thank you all for the support. I love all of you! Peace! :)

-Elder Dimazana

Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

I was able to read Proverbs 10:9 and it's a great verse indeed... It taught me about obedience even if others are not doing it... I love reading the scriptures and unpacking every verse just like what Elder Ardern said...

Friday, 8 June 2012

First Cycle Done! - Week 9.Serving in Jimenez

So, 6 weeks sure is fast! Geez, it went by with a blink of an eye. My trainer went on his way to Cagayan this morning since he's done with his mission. This week was a bit tough for me. My trainer really got trunky this week. It was hard but I was able to manage it, and get some work done somehow. But I've learned so much this past transfer. I was able to read a good verse in the bible which is Proverbs 10:9. It helped me a lot on gaining confidence to do things in righteousness even if some can't do it, will not do it, and won't do it.

This week, it's crazy. Well, I'm still grateful for my trainer for the things he taught me. I've became close to the youth here in Jimenez Ward. I'm stepping things up this next transfer and I'm happy to hear that one of my friends has been called to be an Assistant to the Mission President. What a good news indeed. I'm thankful for the leaders for their help and appreciation to the work of the people they are governing. I'm more eager to get the work done this next transfer. I've learned a lot. Trials do come, it's normal. But failure is temporary, surrendering makes it permanent. So get up and continue moving on.

I'm so happy to serve a Full-Time Mission. I'm so thankful for the people I've met in my life. Truly, the plan of our Father in Heaven will make us happy, for time and in eternity as we follow Christ's teachings. Following the Savior is so humbling. Being His representative is even more surreal! But the feelings I get, the things I'm able to ponder have helped me to become a better person, to humbly accept His will, whatever it is.

Oh well, I'm looking forward to meet my new companion. I've prepared so much for this coming transfer. Haha... Hopefully I'll be able to receive some letters 'coz I'm pouching in a ton next week. Thanks for the support! Love you all!

From Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission with love,
Elder Dimazana

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" - Philippians 4:13

The traditional "Shanghai" after work
The youth teaching me how to piano...
Last Sunday with my trainer
A family we got fond of teaching
And I'll be alone for a few days
Bye Elder B!
Me, the Aloran Elders and my trainer
Loading my trainer's baggages
And my trainer goes home

The Power of Prayer - Week 8.Serving in Jimenez

This week's been a blast! Learned so many things. One of the things I've learned so far is the power of prayer. Geez. I testify of how powerful prayers can be. I've learned it so much from my companion in the MTC, E. Visitacion. I know that God will answer our prayers as long as we do what He wills of us. That we must do things in truth and righteousness. I feel so blessed and loved.

Well, we have a baptism this week. It was great! Although it was supposed to be on the 30th of June but since the little girl is a Part-Member and both of her parents are members, there's no problem with pushing her baptism on an earlier date, which was last Saturday. She told us that whatever happens, it's okay as long as she becomes a part of the true Church. I was stunned with her answer. For I know that she is making the right decision. To be part of the church is great, but living the Gospel in our lives is even more great.

I have loved the Gospel so much and I'm getting to know Jesus Christ more and more. I have learned so much from this experience. I love it! (:

Our Heavenly Father indeed reached out to His children once again to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His magnificent plan for all of us. That we may be happy in this probationary life and be able to return back to His presence. This is what we share. That the Gospel is once again restored in this Earth in its beauty and simplicity through Joseph Smith, a prophet whom God called. That we have a living prophet today, Pres. Thomas S. Monson.

Things are getting better and I'm growing more and more. I love this work. 2 years is so short! Haha... It's been a month already! Freak! Anyways, thank you for the love and support. I love all of you! Take care always! (:

From Cagayan De Oro Mission, with love
-Elder Dimazana

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven."

Tennis with the Young Meng!
Dinner after teaching!
A Part-Member's baptism
With the Aloran Elders
Seaside! (or port side I guess)