Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Humility all the way! Week 51.Serving in Bulua

Hi guys!!! I'm staying and, have no twins anymore. One is getting transferred. But, to the other room! LOL! It was funny but cool. We're going to have 2 more in the District which makes 8 and it'll be loud and fun.

Still having some stress with work but President counseled me a lot. I love talking to him! He's really called of God to take care of us in our stay here in the Mission. Also, I'm really learning so much! I still have a lot of things to work on to and change. Haha. But it's for the better.

Work's good. I love the ward and the members! It reminded me back at the stake. But, time sure is fast. I'm reaching my 1 year next weeks, fast and testimony sunday. Cool!

So, hope to hear from you... Mail or e-mail me...

Have fun and have a great week! ^^

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The District 3? Jokes! - Week 50.Serving in Bulua

This was a great week again. First of all the adjusted Missionary Email Policy made me so much happy because my bestfriend and I can exchanges e-mail now. We are so much delighted with that announcement.

Anyways, I'm just thrilled with the announcement yesterday during our zone training meeting. It really made my day. Haha. I always love trading Missionary Experiences with my bestfriend.

As for our work, the three of us are very much happy being assigned here in Bulua Ward. Getting the trust of the members and really reporting as soon as possible to them regarding the work proved to be fruitful. I am so loving it here! Conversion is really hard in the area but we still need to stay positive about it. One of the great things that happened was 4 of the Less-Actives we're currently teaching was already interviewed last Sunday. It's so great and Bishop is really happy with the work. He's more on following up on us with our teaching pool so what we're doing really paid off. We are so happy with the progress of our Less-Actives. The shift to the center of strength proved to be fruitful. We know that at first it'll be a bit hard considering the number of Less-Actives here in the ward. Attendance here range from 65-85 a week. But we know and we are sure that Bulua has a bright future ahead of them.

We had 3 new investigators with baptismal dates! Two of which are golden. Meeting them was quite accidental as well so we believed that the Lord prepared them for us. We'll be focusing on them in the coming weeks to be able to help them receive the Gospel. Their questions to us are really interesting. I am so happy doing the work. I really am learning from this 12 weeks program together with Elder Capoquian and Elder Castillo. It's really cool! Focusing on the needs of the people we are teaching have been improving. Though, three of our investigators are having a problem because they were really pressured with their baptismal dates with the past Missionaries. We've learned in Preach My Gospel DVD Segment 1 that it should be helping people to get to baptism not to drag them to baptism that's why they are opening more to us. It'll take time for sure but we're continually praying for revelations on how we could help them more.

Coordination with the ward is so great! The members who are setting schedule to work with us are increasing! It just warms our hearts. I guess they got excited to help us with the work. We're doing our best with the Progress Records and the 3-in-1 forms so the Ward Mission Leader is closely working with us. We are so blessed.

During the week, I've learned so much about leadership. That as a leader, I can't just drag the Missionaries in the District to obey without doing it willingly. It's one of the things I'm continually praying to the Lord on how to lead them. And it did! Work in the District had a little progress but I'm seeing that in the coming weeks, the District will be working more harder than we've ever had before. Of course, we need to set an example first. And I'm looking forward for the next weeks here in the District.

Elder Castillo and Elder Capoquian's training is going well. Elder Castillo loves to talk so much that's why he got acquainted to the language a bit faster. Elder Capoquian is doing well in listening. It's one of the skills he's so good at. I am really learning from both of them. It's just so great. Sometimes, during our study, I told them that I am learning much from them. Haha. But it is true.

With regards to my condition, I've learned to find ways on how to understand why God gave me trials. And what I've learned this week is to look things on an eternal perspective. To see why I had to experience certain trials. To see that all things will always be for my good. It is something that I can learn from and be strengthened by. I am really loving the Mission so far and so much thankful for the changes it has brought to me to prepare me for the future. I have love working with the people that we are teaching and with the members as well. I have love my companions and learn to learn from them and serve them.

It's such a blessed week. That's our week.

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It's Legal to Hear from Others now! Yahoo! - Week 49.Serving in Bulua

Another awesome week. Good news is you guys can now e-mail me! But of course, it depends on the time I have to reply. But I would love to hear from you all!!!! 

This was the announcement:

February 27, 2012

To: General Authorities, Area Seventies, and Mission Presidents
From: Missionary Department (801-240-2222)
Subject: Adjusted Missionary Email Policy
Missionaries are to write to their families each week and are also authorized to communicate by email with friends, priesthood leaders, and new converts. Mission presidents should allow sufficient time on preparation day for missionaries to write emails and letters. While in the mission field, missionaries should receive authorization from the mission president before entering into communication, including via email, with converts and others of the opposite gender within the mission boundaries (see Missionary Handbook, 36–37).

It's so cool for the new policy but of course, help us to focus on the Mission. Hehehe... We're doing great and all are cool. The three of us are having a great time and I'm loving the work! 

Love you guys! Thanks for the support!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Awesome threesome! The Three Nephites! - Week 48.Serving in Bulua

Well, this was an awesome week. Haha! We really had a punted week but it was okay. Found a handful of less-active members. Still the work is progressing. I don't know what to say right now. There's so much happening in the area and I'm loving the area! Bulua is a really great area. And the members are so loving. They are so supportive. And we are finding ways and seeking for revelations on how to help the area progress. It's so cool!

The training of my companions are doing well. I think I'm learning more from the training and it's so great! So, yeah. That's all for this week. Sorry for the short mail. Not enough time. Haha!

Love you guys! Thanks for the support!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission