Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Typhoon?!!! - Week 84.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Hello everyone?! Whew! Well, that was a typhoon. Haha. We're all safe and sound here. Though, it did affect our work. Haha. But, this week is still cool.

First of is our unexpected appointment. Haha! Well, we had to cancel our appointment last Thursday and Friday due to precautions for the said typhoon. Then, a less-active couple texted and told us they really want us to teach them. I was a bit reluctant. LOL! But, they still insisted. Instead, they told us that they'll just come to the apartment owner's house (who is a member too and whose house is just under us) so we can teach them without the effort of going out. I can't forget the text of that mother. She said, "Elder because I want to know more". It impressed my mind to reflection. And it made me happy to be a full-time missionary.

Today, we had 3 birthday celebrants within the zone. So, I included a picture of a goose which we will be eating. LOL! Courtesy of one of the birthday celebrants, Elder Falgui. All was good. He is cooking 'Pinikpikan'. Dunno what that is but I'm excited to try it. Haha!

Anyways, had our PMG class with the ward last Sunday and had the privilege of conducting the workshop. I miss doing workshops. Haha! All went well. It was all about member missionary work. I even learned so much from that on how we could share the Gospel in simple ways. 

Had our Zone Training Meeting yesterday and it was cool. Haha! Tomorrow, Zone Conference. Be meeting many more familiar faces tomorrow. I'm stoked! Oh well, Dayan, are you married?! LOL! Also, Kuya Emman, I met this Aya Dela Cerna, she's from Gingoog. You know her?? What's the update up there guys? Hehe....

So, be seeing you all in 5 months of so! Time sure is fast! Oh well... Thanks for the e-mails! Keep safe! :)

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