Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Building up the Church - Week 89.Serving in Molave 2nd

Hello everyone! Hahaha! Well, it's another week again. Geez, our area is REALLY BIG! But it's great. So many great places to go and find people to teach. Anyways, I guess you could see the bamboo house there. That's the group/branch we are reviving! Hahaha! Seems cool! We've goaled to have it function again next year, not later that January. We're praying and fasting for that area because it's so far and there are a lot of members there. So, reactivation first, then conversion! Haha! They have a lot of referrals there so it's cool! ;)

Anyways, this week was a blast. Tomorrow is our Christmas Conference though. Can't wait to meet familiar faces. It's funny because I don't know a lot of people compared before. I guess that's the price of being old in the mission. Hahaha! But, it's great. Hehehe...

Elder Mendez and I are having a great time indeed! >:) We've met a Return Missionary who was assigned in their ward and whom I've worked with before, now, he's the one working with us! Hahaha! Funny! Can't wait to go fishing next week, P-day! LOL!

Well, we found a lot of investigators this week and the Spirit is really helping us. I dunno but I'm excited to work here. Maybe because of the fact we are serving in a branch. Haha! My first time indeed. But it's fine. Everything's cool. Christmas is really coming and so is my birthday. LOL! Oh, thanks a ton to the persons who wrote me a letter! ^^ I haven't pouched my letters yet, but you'll get them soon.

Yesterday was our Zone Training Meeting and we've discussed about the "Book of Mormon Loan Program". So exciting 'coz we are placing emphasis on the Book of Mormon and flooding our areas with it.

Thank you so much everyone for your support! I love you all! :D
Have a great week ahead! Time to prepare for Christmas! Hehe...

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