Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Exceeding Faith - Week 90.Serving in Molave 2nd

Whew! What a great and tiring week it is for us. Well, we had a lot of things going on this past week. Hahahaha!!! Last Monday, we had our Zone Training Meeting, then Tuesday, spent our P-Day in Pagadian to practice for our Christmas Conference Presentation. Then Wednesday, we had our Christmas Conference in Ozamis. Thursday, work. Friday, whole day work in our focused area, Ramon Magsaysay. Saturday, Branch Christmas Party. Then Sunday, work till night in Ramon Magsaysay. So, fully loaded week! Haha! But it was fun.

Anyways, last Sunday, we had seen the exceeding faith of the members there. They are so excited to see us because they can't wait to have the church back there again so they can meet oft. After that work, Elder Mendez and I learned the importance of sacrifice. We love working now in that area! It's so fun! Also, it's really far from civilization! Hahahaha! One time, while working, A little girl passed by us riding a horse! We were stunned for a moment there! So cool! Hahaha!!!

I've attached a picture of my zone mates during our Christmas Conference and a little party at the house. Hahaha! Then, last night, Elder Mendez skyped his family and friends. So, fun!!!! 
Later tonight, we'll be using my time for skype. Can't wait. Can't believe its Christmas already!!! Want to greet you all a

Enjoy the holidays guys!

This thursday, Dec. 26, we'll be having a Christmas Party at Ramon Magsaysay. So, all in one celebration. LOL! Thanks for everything! I love you all! :)


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Building up the Church - Week 89.Serving in Molave 2nd

Hello everyone! Hahaha! Well, it's another week again. Geez, our area is REALLY BIG! But it's great. So many great places to go and find people to teach. Anyways, I guess you could see the bamboo house there. That's the group/branch we are reviving! Hahaha! Seems cool! We've goaled to have it function again next year, not later that January. We're praying and fasting for that area because it's so far and there are a lot of members there. So, reactivation first, then conversion! Haha! They have a lot of referrals there so it's cool! ;)

Anyways, this week was a blast. Tomorrow is our Christmas Conference though. Can't wait to meet familiar faces. It's funny because I don't know a lot of people compared before. I guess that's the price of being old in the mission. Hahaha! But, it's great. Hehehe...

Elder Mendez and I are having a great time indeed! >:) We've met a Return Missionary who was assigned in their ward and whom I've worked with before, now, he's the one working with us! Hahaha! Funny! Can't wait to go fishing next week, P-day! LOL!

Well, we found a lot of investigators this week and the Spirit is really helping us. I dunno but I'm excited to work here. Maybe because of the fact we are serving in a branch. Haha! My first time indeed. But it's fine. Everything's cool. Christmas is really coming and so is my birthday. LOL! Oh, thanks a ton to the persons who wrote me a letter! ^^ I haven't pouched my letters yet, but you'll get them soon.

Yesterday was our Zone Training Meeting and we've discussed about the "Book of Mormon Loan Program". So exciting 'coz we are placing emphasis on the Book of Mormon and flooding our areas with it.

Thank you so much everyone for your support! I love you all! :D
Have a great week ahead! Time to prepare for Christmas! Hehe...

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To the Promised Land! - Week 88.Serving in Molave 2nd

I got transferred!!!!! Freak! I'm now in Molave Branch. Hahaha! The very first branch I have been assigned ever! I'm out in Cagayan De Oro now. We are in Pagadian (Zamboanga!). It's safe here though. The trip was exhausting. It was like 7-8 hours of bus travel. We've arrived in the area the next day.

Anyways, I'm training Elder Mendez! Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never expected it. Hahaha! Though I know I am training. It's exciting. We are opening an area as additional missionaries for the branch. Our goal here is to establish a branch in our area. LOL! The chapel is big, it's good for two. So, it's a challenge for both of us.

First day of work was cool. Hahaha! Found out that the area is as big as our home stake! Even bigger! Freak! But I guess we'll have a good work here. Hehehe.... It's almost christmas! I can feel it here. The area is freakin awesome! Ricefields!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! We can't wait to start working. Hehehe....

Well, found out that there are a lot of things to improve here. Last Monday, we had our FHE at our former branch President's house. Hahaha! When we arrived there, he told us he feels odd seeing Missionaries in proselyting attire. So, they were happy to see us. Hahahaha! We're influencing the other Missionaries here. LOL! I just realized the importance of obedience though. I have felt the difference of obeying wholeheartedly. It's easier to resist temptations and the work is really spiritual. I can't wait for many spiritual experiences here.

It was funny because our first investigator can't understand Tagalog! So, I felt sorry for Elder Mendez for his first teaching because he did have a hard time. But, we know we can do it! Hahahahahaha!

Anyways, this morning, our former Branch President invited us to go to a spring resort and leisure park! I've attached some photos here. The place is so grand! I will go back to that place after my mission. I want to enjoy it! Hahaha!

Well, I've adjusted to the area already and tomorrow, we're working fullblast! Hahahaha! It's been a while since I've polished my finding skills. Hahahahaha! Well, I love you guys! Thanks for all the support.... Letters for you will come in a jiffy. Hehehe! Take care! :D

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Migraine?! O.o - Week 87.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

 Well, aloha!!!! Hmm, I forgot to put at title last week... It's titled: "Seek and Ye Shall Find"....

Anyways, we didn't have much work this week. I had migraine! But we're still not sure if it is migraine. The Doctor told me if it continues, I need to see a neurologist. Hopefully that won't happen. Transfer are coming in a jiffy! I'm nervous! Hahaha! But, whatever it is I will accept it. I will always remember what our Stake President told me, "It doesn't matter where you serve, but how you serve".

Still, we are blessed with the less-actives who continue to come to church and our ever progressing investigator, Sister B. Hopefully, we can give her a date, but due to legal complexities, we can't. So we're praying for her and Brother A. But good thing is, they are so active! You would never thought of her as an investigator. Hahaha!

Anyways, last Saturday, we had our Ward Home Evening. Not enough space for the pictures. Maybe I'll send them next week, (In my new area?) Haha! Dunno yet... But later.... So I'll update you guys next week! (:

I'm almost done reading the Book of Mormon. So exciting! I'm learning more and more about it... Just want to share a thought. After what happened in Tacloban, it reminded me of the incident that transpired in ancient america, just after Christ's death where the Nephites underwent a lot of afflictions, tempests, etc. Then, came Christ to them and ministered to them. I dunno but I just imagined it to Tacloban, not literally Christ coming to them, but members and missionaries in the church will minister to those affected by typhoon Haiyan. It'll be great for sure! Hehe.

Just want to share an advice from our Mission President:


Thanks for the e-mails! Love you all! Whew! Transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next week!

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