Monday, 2 April 2012

Working with and meeting the Missionaries

So, its been almost 11 months of working with the Missionaries.... Hahaha... It's just tight to learn from them... I'll miss these guys when I go... After all, I'm just a few days away! Oh geez...

Oh well, there are still more pictures but anyways, I'll post them, I mean, my cousin will post them during my mission. After all, he'll be the moderator for this blog... Hahaha... It's been fun to be knowing the missionaries in the Philippines Quezon City Mission... and of course, knowing some Elders in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission... Oh yeah!

It really is fun to know a lot of Missionaries... They've been examples to me. I learned a lot from them and from their stories... Hehe... So much for 'Elder Blank' (I have a blank name tag, that's what they call me) 'coz I'll be Elder Dimazana in no time... 

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