Monday, 2 April 2012

Few Days Before I Leave

Of course, bonding with my cousins! Spent some time at Fairview, and bonded with my cousins... I'll miss them when I leave... It'll be 2 years but its ok.

At least, my Last Sunday was jam-packed... Hahaha! Went first to Masagana 2nd, testified and said goodbye to them... Then, went to San Isidro 1st Ward. Had some pictures there. Hahaha!

Then, went to the Stake and saw Antipolo 2nd Ward members... Oh boy... Then, attended my Ward's service. Its cool. I bore my testimony before I leave and I'll freakin miss Antipolo Stake! Oh man... Then, went to a Family Home Evening, played some games, had good talks with my friends and ended my day... a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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