Monday, 2 April 2012

Deciding to Serve

Well, going on a mission, how to say this... It really is not in my plan for this year... I was planning 2015 or so... But what do you know, the Lord really knows more than me... Well, my visit to my cousin in Fairview started it all. I worked with the Elders there for some reason. I just felt working even though I haven't done it ever. Turns out, I experienced my very first Family Home Evening! It's just great...

And, when I got back home, I visited my friends for an activity at the Church. Turns out, I was outside most of the time, pondering on what seems to be a desire to go on a mission... Kuya Emman told me to read D&C 4. And what do you know, after praying and fasting, I decided to go... Who wouldn't when all of the talks during your Sunday Service would tell you to go on a mission now... Hahaha! Oh well, at least I know what His answer is.

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