Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pace'd! - Week 43.Serving in Cagayan

Hello everyone! Haha! January's over. That was freakin fast. I still have to attend my follow-up check-up later and then go to the Mission Home after with my companion.

So, as for the week. Well, me and my companion got included in the weekly pacesetter of the Mission. That was cool 'coz we're in the office, yet, we still got pace'd (I just hope I got the word right). 2 consecutive weeks in my last weeks here in the office. Pretty neat!

Our area's really progressing. I've been learning a lot this past week and pondering so much. I always have my buddy (the scriptures) beside me everyday which really helped me a lot. There's so many things to learn! For real! I am thankful how the Lord blesses every week, especially Sunday. It's the busiest day of the week! We always do our best to attend each investigator or less-active and get them inside the classes and of course, have some fellowshipper.

Despite the office schedule, and my "trunky-ness", haha!, we're still doing the best we could do to help those whom we are teaching. Really, there's so many ups and downs in the Mission and I really need to be strong. It's one of the qualities I am currently focusing on. Becoming strong and always standing in holy places just like what the 2013 youth theme is, "Stand Ye in Holy Places". Scripture reading everyday, day or night have helped me so much in boosting my confidence and strength and my knowledge as well. I just read Pres. Eyring's talk "Rise to Your Call" which is just what I needed.

As for our work, we contacted T, a referral from a member and got her on a baptismal date. Cool! She's so bright and she's really willing to learn a lot of things, most especially the restored Gospel. She's legit in terms of understanding the lesson so on our next visit with her, we'll go full blast on Lesson 1. Yeah, that's how bright she is.

As I was reading an Elder's mission experience, I've picked up ways on how to improve the progress of our investigators. Simple things but just like what in 1 Nephi 16:29 says, small things can bring about great things.  And I really believe it. We'll be applying things such as walking with our investigators to church, rounding them up or visiting them before church starts, CSP! (we really need one), FHE and more. We really need to put our all in this work to see how we could really bless the lives of those that we teach. It's really hard to see someone who does not know the Gospel and yet, we enjoy its blessings, but it's even harder not to share it. Haha. I'm not talkative myself, or a good-speaker but I know that serving a Mission, at least I could work on that and many other things.

Last Sunday, we were not expecting to see a lot of investigators come to church since 2 of them can't attend. But, new investigators just popped-up out of nowhere, including those whom we are not expecting to come to church. It really is amazing how the Lord works. I can't describe how cool it was to see them go to church and feel the Spirit even stronger. One of them also made an appointment with us so that's cool.

So, yeah, that's our week. Miss you guys heaps! I love you all. Ingat! (:

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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