Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Castup Mania and Other Fun Facts! - Week 42.Serving in Cagayan

Kamusta?! Haha! Well, this was an interesting week for me. I've been improving with my condition and there's so much work to do. Missionary work sure is very tiring, but I'm getting used to it (somehow).

This week was a time of pondering for me and seeing things in a different perspective. I've been reading an Elder's mission experience which pretty much helped me! It was great and I've learned a lot from it.

Anyways, FUN FACTS! I've decided I'll include the things I've observed here in the field. Here in the office, of course, I'll miss the aircon! Haha! So funny. I'll try my best to adjust with the hot weather outside as I'm getting transferred. It' exciting so I actually started packing things. Haha! It made me remember my days wherein I was packing stuffs for MTC.

Here in the Mission, there's so many things that I've observed and I want to share it to you guys.
People here love Catsup, or I guess they just got used to pair it with food. Haha! Okay, to give you a low-down, they pair it with siopao! We were like, whaaaaaaaaat?! Siopao and catsup? That's a weird combo for us ManileƱos. But people are used to it here. Interesting fact. Haha...

And I thought that was weird until we saw someone selling roasted nuts, and it has something to pair with! Yes! Catsup! Errr... Is that even possible? The Elders I'm with just smiled and we said that, well I guess we'll try other foods other than that. Haha... So funny.

Anyways, I actually had my first ever balut! Yeah I know I'm a filipino who haven't tried balut for 21 years! So funny and the other Elders were really surprised with it. I mean, I have balut at times but I don't eat the "fetus". So, they challenged me one day and things turned out a bit messy. So, I tried one and I pulled the "duck fetus" out and it was hot. I held it with my bare hands, but it was so hot, so I juggled it in my hands and it went in the bowl of water. So FAIL! Haha! We laughed after I did it, but still, I ate it! My first ever! Haha!

Also, they call me Snorlax now because of my medicines that makes me drowsy. So, after a day's work, I take my meds and later, I'm down! Haha! Yeah, so they know whenever I say I want to "splak", mimicking the sound of someone who just laid down in the bed, literally. At least I don't name all the Pokemons when I sleep, though I love them.

Well, this week was just a very tiring week. We had a couple of interesting things going on with our work as well. Okay, so during exchanges with the APs, we were walking and suddenly, Elder Acuavera stopped and we went to a little street where one lady is reading a book. We I2Led her and gave here a Book of Mormon and she was thrilled to have one. Hopefully, she would learn tons of it. Hehe.

So, that's our week! I'm getting the hang of telling stories. Haha! At least, I'm having fun now. Hehe... Take Care you all! I love you! Would like to hear from you all soon?

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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