Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Office District! Insane or Just Cool?! - Week 41.Serving in Cagayan

Whew! Only 3 Sundays to go before I go out of the office. Things will start to get busy again. Although its super busy here in the office. Haha... At least, I'll have more time to write letters again. And of course, I'm training! Office trainee that is. Well at least I'll train. Haha! It's what me and my batchmate dreams of. Oh well, at least we'll be with our trainees for 9 days. I guess that counts. Hehe.

Anyways, work in our area is still progressing. So much to learn, so much to explore and so much to expect. I've never expected such progress in a span of a few weeks. Doing what the Lord wills is really the best! Just like what D&C 64:29 says. He have worked with us these past transfer and is continuing even in my last cycle in the office. It all takes faith in Him and trust in Him. I have learned that we are really just His instruments. Either way, it's the Holy Ghost that testifies to people the truthfulness of our message and inspires them to act by faith. The increased sacrament attendance in our ward have paved way for a larger teaching pool for us. Hehe. By the way, our District is an Office Staff District. Kinda funny! Haha! I guess I'll miss the office. That's for sure. I have lots and lots and lots of happenings here which taught me so much. A lot of things happened to me as well. 

This week, I tried my best to read the Book of Mormon everyday. Each day I learn a lot and even though I have finished reading it twice, I have found new things and understand the things I never understood before. Some of the verses I've read can actually be used in our teachings. So it's really interesting. I encourage you all to read the scriptures for you'll find a lot of things and truly, God has a lot of instructions for our understanding which are very useful to us in these Latter-Days.

I really miss the temple here. 15 more months! Haha! Everyday, I always listen to EFY music and other church songs to uplift me. That's why my housemates are getting tired of the songs I usually play. Like, when I'll be playing some music, their reactions would be like "here it goes again", or they'll sing the first line of the song. Haha. So funny! But I know that such music would invite the Spirit more into our apartment. And it really is true.

I'm still in the process of adjustment here in the Mission although I'm out for 9 months already and next month we'll be hitting our double-digit mark. Yeah! As for adjustments, I'm still taking up some medicines and hopefully it will really help me as I go on in the Mission. Truly, the work is really exhausting and very demanding in all terms. Hehe.

That's our week anyways. I miss you guys! Do write me a letter if you have time. It really inspires me and revitalizes my desire to go on. So when I get home, I'll be sure to write those Missionaries whom I know. It really helps a lot.

Take care you all! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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