Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Talk to the Missionaries! - Week 44.Serving in Cagayan

Hey everyone! Well, this was an interesting week. Lots and lots of blessings came to us this week! I'll try my best to share it all. Haha.

Okay, during my follow-up check up, my condition is really improving. They gave me 1 more month of medication, so 1 more month of Snorlax mode. Haha! And, I still have another check-up on March which means, I can't be transferred somewhere far! O.o Well, can't do anything about that. Most probably, I'll be just an hour away from this area. Oh man.

Still, this week was indeed one of the best. Saturday, we had our home-teaching caravan in the ward and was able to work with the members. They organized their home-teaching organization and they also had District Leaders! So awesome! Haha! It was cool because it's like here in the Mission. Bishop jokingly said that the Bishopric is the A.P. since they are the ones who report to the Stake President regarding home-teaching. So cool! Elder Panti and I were talking about it and thinking what would it be like after going home from our Mission having a home-teaching organization like that. Hehe... That'll be really cool.

Sunday came and we had 15 investigators at church! Double-digit and its my first time to have such number. Also, we had 20 Less-Actives come to church as well, so this week was a blessed week for me and Elder Panti. For the past weeks, He is blessing us with increasing number of people going to church.

Well, our Recent Convert Brother Z is progressing as ever. He's really cool and I'll be sure to miss him 'coz I'm transferring! Well, I'll miss this area for sure. 30 weeks of being in the office, its just now that I'm realizing the blessing that I've received here. I'm thankful for the trials and challenges I've faced here. It really is faith-trying. Haha! But, looking at the brighter side, it made me stronger. I'm just bummed 'coz I can't be anywhere far. So, most probably I'll be in the city again. I kinda miss seeing mountains, rice fields and rivers. Guess my stay in my first area was all to prepare me here. Haha!

Our investigators and less-actives are progressing although we're having a hard time to visit all of them! So much to do but so little time. After work last Sunday, Elder Panti and I went home very very tired and exhausted from work. Sunday sure is our busiest day. But at least the effort is all worth it. Seeing people be blessed because of the Gospel will really boost you and encourage you to even exert more effort.

Anyways, we had this odd situation last Sunday after teaching some less-active members. Their neighbors, which were kids, always joins us in our discussion. They even went to church! But, after that Sunday lesson with them, the father of one of the kids talked to us and was angry. In my mind, I was like, "oh no... this is not good..." So we talked and he told us that we shouldn't be encouraging the kids to go to our church because his kid almost got hit by a car which we don't know and it happened near the church so they kind of blamed us. Well, for those situations I am scared and nervous but that time, I kept on talking and explaining especially our purpose as Missionaries. In the end, we pacified him and invited him to listen to our message. Haha! (I never thought I would've said it that way!).

After that experience, I was so sad. It was really weird. I don't know the guy and his kid but I am sad because they are kept from the truth. I know that the Gospel will truly bless them if they will hear us out and sincerely search for the truth. Elder Panti was comforting me after that. So I just pondered upon it and realized how blessed are we to have the Gospel in our lives. To enjoy the blessings of being in the only and true church. I'm thankful that I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 'coz I know it's true! And I will do my best with my 14 months more here in the Mission.

Also, one of the Assistants, Elder Acuavera gave me a cool scripture case! My favorite color. Man, he's really like a big brother to me so I call him "kuya" at times, which means "big bro". And, he's one of the Missionaries who have helped me overcome my anxiety and fear. He trained me during our exchanges so I'm grateful for that.

Anyways, working a bit late for Zone Leaders Council tomorrow. So, 'till next week! My last week in the office! I'm stoked next transfer. Haha! Love you guys! Keep safe! (:

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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  1. shootss! i really admire how you construct english. anyway, thank you for giving your time to the lord you are wonderful son of God i can see that. i enjoy reading your letter you make me inspired i remember my mission before.
    my latest new from me is that i already got married of sister anna mae gonzales. i hope i can post our one of the best picture taken together in the temple. just remember always your purpose why you're there ok! PURPOSE!
    Just take care see you soon!
    brother alcoy