Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stressed! Ouch! - Week 30.Serving in Cagayan

While President counseled me, it reminded me of an article in Liahona about Pres. Uchtdorf telling us Missionaries to always have our mind set that we are already at the middle of our mission.

I really enjoyed the Zone Conference. I've learned a lot. It made me more eager to relate our message to the people that we are teaching. One thing I really remembered is your question "so what?". It really got me into thinking. Truly, when the people that we are teaching not just understood the lesson but see its relevance of our message to them, they will even open more and through the Holy Ghost, we will be guided in knowing how we can address our message to them. President's participation in our practice teaching in the District Meeting taught me more about listening. It made me more eager to formulate questions for myself as I know more about the Gospel.

As for work, well, the P family is still active as ever. I admire brother in his desire to really come back to church, along with his family. His son, D, wants to go on a mission but that's after 5 or so years, so it's really cool. Sister is still active as ever. As for the other Less-Actives, they go on and off at church and we need to plan more and talk more of what they really need to become fully active again.

As for our investigators, Brother Z is progressing although the conflict which we reported last District Meeting really surprised me when E. Pangilinan told me about it. So, more or less, his baptism will be moved. Still, with his future wife being a Less-Active, we really need to focus on Sister's family so Brother Z will stay strong in the church when he gets baptized.

It's just heartwarming to see Sister M, one our former progressing investigators come to church again! After 2 months of not being able to attend church, she was able to attend again. It really made me happy. Though, we need brother to get back to church as well since he's less-active. I know time will come that he'll really listen to us because most of the times that we are there, either he's sleep, eating, or fixing some stuffs.

Well, the past week was interesting. I remembered President asked me about being homesick due to Elder De Guzman's experience, I can really feel him. When they were in our apartment, I was able to talk to him and take care of him. Maybe because he's younger than me and its so natural for me to really take care of those younger than me. The same thing I did for Elder Abad when we're not yet in the Mission. I tried my best to make him comfortable and make him feel that he's not far away from home. So, we shared some stories regarding life's experiences, our families, etc. It was great knowing him. After his session with Sister French, he thanked me personally for the motivation and for taking care of him and it really made me happy. Happy in a way that I was able to help someone in a simple but meaningful way. I also gained another friend here in the Mission as well. I know that going on a Mission is a really great decision which we Missionaries made. And we have our fair share of trials here in the Mission as well.

That's my week! Take care you all!

Elder Dimazana

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