Sunday, 21 October 2012

"Do You Love Me??" - Week 28.Serving in Cagayan

How's everyone??? I haven't written letters yet. SORRY! Been busy with some things here. And, learning with my faults and weaknesses. Geez, the Mission sure is a humbling experience.

I want to share to you this great lesson I had during our Fast & Testimony Sunday. Well, we didn't have a Gospel Principles class so my companion and I attended the youth class instead (LOL!). Well, their lesson is about the beatitudes. While they were discussing the beatitudes, the teacher shared a verse. It's in Matthew 5:13. I love that lesson! The verse mentioned about "the salt of the earth", and mentioned about "losing its savour". Then, he demonstrated to us how 'salt' really lose its savour. I was like, "Wait, is that possible?". Eagerly waiting for how it is done, she mentioned that according to chemists, if the salt is contaminated, it will lose its savour. The teacher showed a spoon of salt in front of us, then, asked each of us what actions would lead us in becoming "contaminated". As each of the youth answers, the teacher puts dirt in the salt, obviously, showing it is contaminated, though of course, we didn't taste it. Haha...

Thinking about that lesson, I learned that us, Missionaries, are really "the salt of the earth". If we lose our savor  then it just means that we are "contaminated". How? As simple as being disobedient. Then, I came across D&C 1:31 which says that "the Lord cannot look on sin with the least degree of allowance". Realizing this thing brought a question in my head, did I do all I can to become the Missionary the Lord wants me to be? Overall, just a great insight...

So, had my interview with President, twice! Hahaha! Geez, I love having interviews with him. Currently experiencing some trials here in the Mission and President is always there to help me. Funny, but, in that interview, I just related some of my challenges and he knows what I'm already experiencing. Astig!!!!!! I know that he's called of God. That he is our Mission Parent. I'm so blessed to be here.

Anyways, General Conference was so great! Ha! I can't forget Elder Holland's talk 'coz me, my companion, as well as our housemate Missionaries were crying. LOL! Seriously. It was a very powerful message especially to us Missionaries who are laboring in the Master's vineyard. Also, I love hearing Pres. Eyring. One principle I've learned from him is that "our own desires creates a pavilion that blocks us from God". I know that I'm experiencing it right now and I need to change it. I need to be better. It's kinda hard adjusting and adapting here in the Mission Field but now, I have a firm conviction on what I should do. Hehe... 

Overall, work's good. Though transfers and General Conference gave us less time. Ha! But, work's improving nevertheless. Sorry if I haven't written some letters for QUITE SOME TIME. Been busy with things and unexpected events. Hopefully, I could receive some pouches this Christmas. Hahaha!

Thank you very much for all the support. I miss all of you... I love you all. INGAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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