Sunday, 7 October 2012

And When All Seems Right - Week 26.Serving in Cagayan

Aloha! LOL! Well, hello October! Haha... A lot of great things happened this week. It's quite interesting indeed.

Well, this week is really interesting for me and my companion. It's the best week so far for us in our work. We were able to achieve our goals as well as the Mission Standards for teaching the Less-Actives. Also, ironic it may seem but it's also the most number of teaching I ever had during my stay here in Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission. Work is really moving forward for me and Elder Pangilinan. It's so great!

For our work coordination with the ward, we had a meeting with the Executive Secretary who is also the 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum, as well as the Relief Society President. During the meeting, we tackled about the 3 in 1 forms and the need to update them. We are so much happy for their cooperation. They are now updating the forms and because of that, Home & Visiting Teaching efforts were improved after we've discussed it with our Bishop. We are looking forward for the things they've committed in helping this work especially helping the Less-Actives in the ward come back to activity.

For our week, we held the 4th consecutive Special Sacrament for a disabled sister. She is getting better now in terms of health though she's still hoping that she can go to church and see her Relief Society sisters. Also, this family which we and the ward are focusing to go the temple are progressing. Sister was at church for the 2nd consecutive time and like last week, we are happy to see them completed at church.

We had exchanges last Saturday wherein I was able to work with Elder Collado (my batchmate, my district mate, and my roommate in the MTC) in our area. During that exchanges, I've found out one of my greatest weaknesses in the mission, that is getting easily distracted and easily losing my focus during teachings. We had one lesson where I really got so much distracted with a sick child. He was crying while we were teaching so he really got my attention. I was struggling during that lesson but Elder Collado backed me up and I got back on track again. It's like the story in Preach My Gospel wherein when we focus, we could really see what the Lord wants us to see. So, I asked helped from my companion to get me back when I'm lost in track.

We still are hoping for the best for the Less-Actives that we teach. I'm doing my best to love them and become a blessing to them. I know how grateful we should be that we become members of the Church and reactivation is actually one of the things I love doing. I want them to realize how blessed are we to become a part of the true church, though of course, balancing the reactivation efforts with conversion efforts.

As for the progress of our investigators, we have an investigator with a baptismal date. Yay! He's really progressing because now, he goes to church by himself, without the need of reminding him by his girlfriend. Last time, we taught him about the Book of Mormon. It was a good lesson. The Spirit was strong and our testimonies about the book helped even more. He committed to read, ponder and pray about the truthfulness of it. We are praying that the Holy Ghost will testify to him as he wholeheartedly seek for the truth.

Also, we were able to contact a family referral. They are very much progressing! Me and Elder Pangilinan are looking forward for our teaching appointments with them. Sister is a bit familiar about the church. And she really likes the teachings of Jesus Christ just by seeing how they raised their children. As for Brother, we just taught them the first 3 principles of Lesson 1 but he is so much eager to learn. Brother can't hear well so it was a challenge for both Elder Pangilinan and me to deliver our message to him. What we did is write our questions on a paper and then he'll just speak afterwards. It's my first time to teach that way but I know that the Spirit will eventually touch their hearts and testify to them the truthfulness of our message. Brother is quite excited for our lesson about the Book of Mormon because after our first lesson, he finished reading the pamphlet and even answered the questions there! It truly made Elder Pangilinan and me happy. We will definitely do our best to help them receive the Gospel and be able to help them know the truthfulness of our message.

I really enjoyed the week's work. Despite the fact that the work is tiring, I am feeling that there is so much work to do. Sometimes, when I wake up, it's like I just slept a few hours. Haha. But, I am looking forward everyday for what the Lord has in store for me. I love the result of our companionship evaluation. Work really drastically improved, and we will do our best to maintain it. I have learned so much from his example as well as his desire to serve other people.

While at church last Sunday, I really got sad and a bit discouraged seeing a few of our Less-Actives come to church. I was like, "No, where did we go wrong. We did our best to help them come back. What can we do to help them next time." And other things came to my mind. Me and Elder Pangilinan shared that feeling during the Sacrament meeting. As I was partaking the sacrament, I was hoping that the Less-Actives we are teaching will do the same likewise. To be able to renew their covenants with our Father in Heaven. Yes, it was sad not to see them at church, but I've remembered one of the talks I heard from last April General Conference which says, "Do your best, leave unto God the rest". I know that someday, those Less-Actives will be active again. All I & Elder Pangilinan can do is to do our best in doing the Lord's work and leave God the rest.

There's is really so much work to do and I know that with our new resolve, we can see the changes in our work for the coming weeks. I love this work. I love my area, I love the members, I love my companion and I love the Gospel.

That's my great week . Thank you for the love and prayers that I continually feel from all of you. Have a great week ahead everyone!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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