Sunday, 14 October 2012

A-Bad! - Week 27.Serving in Cagayan

Good day guys! Had some great interviews with President. Honestly, I feel much better whenever I have my interviews with him. I've learned so much. If only I could have interviews regularly. Haha. Maybe because I feel more secured whenever I talk to him. I'm very happy to have a Mission Parent here in the Mission.

Actually, seeing my bestfriend Elder Abad here in the mission made me happy! Superman! LOL! I really miss him as well as my other friends who've arrived here, Elder Aban and Elder De Dios. Seeing them go to their new areas made me a bit impatient to go out of the office and see them again. It really made me miss them again and a bit sad of course.

I'm still trying my best to follow what President counseled me and overcome my fears and worries. I'm trying new things that I've never did before. Elder Pangilinan has been patient with me and is approaching me in a different way to comfort me when I'm down. He always encourages me that I can overcome what I'm experiencing. I'm looking forward talking to Sister French so she could help me as well. I know that as I overcome this, it'll make a huge impact in my life and make significant changes on how I view on things.

As for our work, we are openly discussing the concerns of our Less-Actives. We're evaluating where can we improve and really help them progress and come back into activity. One family we're working on, which is the family we're preparing for the temple is very much progressing. We're continually doing our best to strengthen their faith since Sister is a bit concerned what will happen to them when Elder Pangilinan and me gets transferred. We assured them that no matter what happens, if they will show their faith and do what He wills them to do, they can achieve their goal to be sealed in the temple.

Our work is progressing than before. We're coordinating our efforts with the ward and hopefully, they'll call a new Ward Mission Leader which we've been waiting for months to really help us move the work forward. Still, we're grateful for the help of our Executive Secretary in helping us update the New & Returning Member Progress Form.

I'm excited this weekend for General Conference. I can't wait to hear from the leaders of the church and learn from their inspired messages. I know that there will be a talk that will help me in what I'm experiencing now.

Thank you so much guys for all the help you've given me. I love you. Thank you for all you do. Have a great week!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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