Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Prepare ye! Prepare ye! - Week 31.Serving in Cagayan

Last week was a great week for us despite of unexpected things that happened. It was a learning week for me.

So, because Elder Eday and Elder Jimenez was here with us, I was able to work with Elder Eday during the weekend. Learned a lot from him with regards to inviting others to learn. We were able to find 2 families which we plan on going back since they are interested in our message. While working with him, he taught me of being bold to those we are teaching, to not fear of what their reactions would be as long as we listen to the promptings of the Spirit. I really enjoyed working with him that day.

As for our work, Sister M, the Less-Active whom we always conduct Special Sacrament because of her condition is progressing so much. That despite the fact that she can't go to church, she is still doing everything to build her faith through the commitments that we are giving her. Although Elder Pangilinan told me not to report her in our District Meetings because she's not able to go to church, personally, I felt that she's the most progressing of all the Less-Actives that we are teaching. She may not go to church but her faith is really strong now. I commend her that despite the fact that she cannot go to Church, she never fail to have hope that someday God will make a way for her to come to church. So, she always do our commitments like reading, praying, and listening to the messages that we teach because she knows that she gets nearer to God. After our work last Sunday, where we assisted the member who worked with us, the Relief Society President happily told us that Sister M will go to church next Sunday because one of the members will help her and give her a ride. When I heard that, I felt like jumping for joy because God answered her prayer. After almost 4 months, she can now go to church! It's one of the greatest experience I had last week, what a great blessing indeed! I have seen how Heavenly Father helped one of His children and it's an experience I won't ever forget.

With regards to our Progressing Investigators, Brother Z, whose baptismal date is on November 17, will now be moved. Now, we really need to prepare him for his baptism, realizing how important and sacred the ordinance that he's going to make. Even though I haven't experience having a baptism, what Preach My Gospel says about preparing those that we teach in baptism is really big for me. It's their eternal life we are talking about and as Missionaries, we need to make sure that he meets the qualification for baptism as stated in D&C 20:37. So, I'm looking forward for the next coming days.

As for our Less-Actives, we're able to find a Less-Active by chance. It was weird because we got panted for 3 times and while we are walking our way to another appointment, we met a member in which we don't know their house. So, she guided us and we were able to meet the family. Found also a part-member there so we really need to help that family stay active again. Overall, there's progress with them, some are slowly progressing but still, they are progressing bit by bit. I guess we need to plan even more for them to progress even more.

During one of our evaluation, I am happy that Elder Pangilinan is becoming more open to me now compared before and it helped me as his companion to not be anxious around him anymore. Sister French have helped me so much already and I guess I'm growing bit by bit.

Now that I know that Elder Pangilinan is transferring, I do hope that I could stay longer in the area. Maybe because I feel comfortable working now compared before. Thanks to Elder Pangilinan's help as well as the other people around me, Sister French, the office staffs and to President. And I feel that I still have lots of work to do. It's so cool to learn from others and see their point of view. At least, I'm becoming more open to other people. I know that I'm still too far from becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary and time here in the Mission is so fast so I will even try harder to become what God wants me to be.

That's our week! It feels great to be able to achieve the Standard again although we're assigned in the office. But, we know that we still need to be diligent, to be constant in our efforts.

Thanks guys!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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