Saturday, 29 September 2012

Golf and President! Yeah! - Week 25.Serving in Cagayan

"No matter the size of the issue, how we respond can reset the course of out life." This is one of the greatest learning I had this past week. Well, things do get rough at times. I guess that's normal especially to us Missionaries. So, there are times that my companion is not in the mood or just get a 'bad day' if you want to call it. And it's the same for me as well. Haha. And because of that, trials come such as a little misunderstanding. But, things like that helps you to learn something. It's always good to take a step back and realize our flaws and try to fix them. I know I'm not good handling those things personally, but the Lord wants me to just DO IT. To really take action. To have that strength and courage I need. And in the end, just like Pres. Monson said, "as you follow the Lord's inspiration, there's a sweet and undeniable assurance that all will be well." I know this beforehand to be true, and I continue to experience it again and again.

This may sound funny but, sometimes, when I know what I should do, I just don't do it because I have doubts and anxieties that I'm not capable of doing it, that I'll just wait for others to respond, that someone will do something, etc. But I learned that things need to begin with me first. That I need to decide and take action. And it's a great principle I learned here in the Mission Field. During our weekly planning, my companion came across an interesting scripture verse, which I felt so much (I don't know if he felt it too), just what I need the whole day after a night's stress. The scripture verse is Mormon 9:31 which says, "Condemn me not because of mine imperfection... but rather give thanks unto God that he hath made manifest unto you our imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than we have been." Actually, it was a scripture verse he shared to me that we could use in our teaching, but reading it, became more personal to me. He was sharing his thoughts and I was attentively listening. And, this scripture is what I just needed! I've been praying for guidance on how I could enjoy the work without putting so much thought to it. It helped me redefine some of my flaws. I am so stiff with most of the things because I understand them differently. 

I remembered a film I watched before I went here on my mission entitled "One Man's Treasure". Thinking back, I want to be enthusiastic as before I've been on my mission. I really miss working with those cool elders (hehe). I was actually working on some things for myself because I've been too serious. Hahaha... I have seen some things here that are contrary to what I expected. I guess that's the Mission Field. And I need to stay strong. And that's the hardest part. But, with the things that I learn and realize just by pondering on what my companion teach me at times, it helped me a ton. He may not be the most skilled or the brightest missionary there is, but in his simplicity, I learned to take things simply. Ironic. Haha. But, the small things I've learned from him made a huge impact in my life. He taught me that I can do things. He taught me that I need not to be alone. He taught me about how weaknesses can be made strong. But most important of all, he taught me how to be a better missionary. (:

Actually, I just had the most stressful day, yet the most coolest day in the Mission. For the past days, I've been lonely with some things, and I'm stressed out emotionally, to the point that I didn't talk that much for two days. I was crying for the past few days. For 2 days, I was not talking to almost anyone as well. The office staffs was asking me if I have a problem or if my companion is not treating me well. But, after Monday's work, me and my companion had our evaluation. I told him what my problems are and he told me what his problems are because we're not in good terms for the past 2 days. Never have I expected that that evaluation would bring so much change in our companionship. Yeah, both of us were so emotional and we opened to each other, helped each other and set goals. The Spirit was there while we were talking to each other. It was the most amazing experience I had in the mission. I never thought how my companion was so much thankful to have me as his companion, neither does he. If only I can tell everything that I've experienced during that night. All I can say is, our companionship is the best! Haha... But seriously, it's so great to have a good relationship with your companion. He became my friend and my brother. (:

Well, I'm still looking forward for the coming days ahead. Time's so fast. I can't even feel that it's been a week already, that a new week is before me. I've been out for almost 6 months, so freakin fast! Geez. If every BOY goes on a mission, he'll be a MAN when he gets back, prepared for life as long as he does what he needs to do.

Oh well. That's my week. Take care! Peace! 


We spent our P-day with our Mission President and his family. We had our P-day at Dahilayan. It was so cool! My first time to do some things and helped us refresh our minds for the coming week ahead. We even played golf! (Just putting). But at least, it's fun! Hahaha... Hopefully we will have it again! Hehehe...

So yeah, that's my week. Letters please? :3

With love from Mindanao,
Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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