Sunday, 5 August 2012

Preachy Me - Week17.Serving in Cagayan

Sorry for the late e-mail... Been busy with conference arrangements! But at least I won't forget e-mailing you all... Hehehe...

Anyways, as you can see, week's a bit hectic... I'm a bit stressed out actually 'coz my "systems analyst" me is trying to get out. Hahaha... (I really want to have a systematic way of things so I won't be rushed). Well, I'm having a great time with my companion... That's why I'm so grateful to have him as my companion. He's really great and he's so jolly that's why our work are always interesting.

I'm so blessed to have him as my companion. Through our differences and points of view, we learn from each other. One thing I learned from him which made me ponder one night before sleeping was about being a Missionary. I was able to ponder about Elder Bednar's talk which is all about "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary". Though we may not be perfect, the Lord requires us to be worthy, as we strive to do our best in doing the Lord's work. It really is true that our calling as Missionaries give us authority, but keeping our covenants give us power.

As for our work, we were able to find a receptive family while trying to contact a Less-Active Member. We were able to teach them right there and then after inviting them to learn. We were also able to know the concerns of some of our Less-Actives this past week. One of them was a Less-Active family which we found out that Sister has doubts about Prophet Joseph Smith as well as other things in the Church. She happily opened to us some of their concerns about the Church which we were grateful for. We're constantly seeking the help of the Holy Ghost as we plan for the people that we are teaching to help them progress more in the Gospel.

Oh well, that's my week... I'll tell more next time... My hands are full on office work this week... Sigh... But anyways, letters please? :)

Hehehe... Thanks! Take care you all!


Elder Dimazana

Personal/Travel Secretary 
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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