Sunday, 19 August 2012

Back with the "Nim"! - Week 19.Serving in Cagayan

How's everyone?! 

Had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I hope this is the right spelling) week!!! Hahahaha... First things first, so President told us Missionaries about raising the bar of our performance for this month and with that said, I feel more of the responsibility the Lord has entrusted to me. As for the last last week, we really did have a hard time with our teaching efforts since we got punted most of our teachings. I know that when that happens we should find someone to teach. I'm doing my best to help my companion since he's struggling with talking to people at times, especially when he doesn't feel like it. Well, it's the same with me at times. But I've learned that as Missionaries, we need to have that drive to talk to people. I've discussed this matter to E. Pangilinan and we both agreed to do some changes with our whole work. One thing I'm still doing is really optimizing the work system for me as Personal Secretary since there can be improvements made. That way, I can finish things earlier and avoid cramming. I actually never expected that I can use my profession here in the office other than the usual computer stuffs. So, it's a blessing for me.

As for this week, we really had a great week, me and my companion. Teachings were great and for this coming week, we'll be setting baptismal dates to our progressing investigators, including those that needs to be married first. Also, the Less-Actives that we are teaching are really progressing since some of them have come back to Church. We are doing our best to coordinate it with the ward so that they will stay active again. Our work effort have increased and we want to be consistent with it. We're now catching our work pace and I'm glad we do. I have seen a lot of changes not just in me, but in my companion as well. He's being more diligent with stuffs little by little and it makes me happy whenever he tells me that because of my diligence in some things, he wants to be a better missionary. And it's the same for me as well. Not just with diligence but with other areas as well. I know I still have a lot of things to improve on and I'm working on it one step at a time. One thing I learned is one of the secrets of being happy here in the Mission is doing what's right so you can have the Spirit. I have had a lot of Spiritual experiences this week which is really great! I've been more sensitive to the promptings and revelations I receive as each day pass by. Well, because for the past few weeks I've been actually having a hard time with teaching. There are times that I'm not sure what the Spirit is prompting me. You know that feeling when you can't explain what you feel or how to put it out? It's like that. And times that I get so frustrated I can't explain myself. That's why I've been more fervent with my prayers, asking for help and guidance and STUDY. Answers keep on coming in different ways and I'm thankful for the things the Lord have given me.

While being with Elder Pangilinan, I've realized the importance of my role as a junior. I've learned that as a junior, I could show an example of "followship", teaching another to lead by my inspired willingness to support and sustain and teach from behind. I know that some missionaries may not appreciate being a junior that much but it's a humbling experience for me, to see how the Lord wants to teach me and be the missionary He wants me to be by placing me in different settings. I am so grateful for our wonderful companionship and it helps us so much to teach by the Spirit. I have learned a lot of little things from him which is helping me to strive become better. I'll do my best to prepare whatever assignments the Lord would assign me and to contribute all I can to the mission. I know that the Lord of the vineyard have designed and scripted the areas that I had been assigned and will be assigned, and the companions that I already had and will have. I'm so happy to serve the Lord.

During our companionship study, we discussed a LOT of things about how we view our purpose. And both of us shared a lot of insights regarding our calling, and then he shared Alma 34:32 which talks about "the time to prepare to meet God". It just makes me proud when I see my companion grow and grow. Haha... But seriously, he had taught me so much simple things but if viewed in a wider perspective, those little things bring about greater things. I love how our companionship is doing and we are taking things one step at a time. Who wouldn't be happy when both of you as a companion accomplish something each day! Ha!

Lastly one of the greatest experience I had this week was to meet again the person who have helped me so much and was an instrument of the Lord, to help me have a desire to go on a mission. He's Bro. Nimrod Biñas from Macabalan Ward, from the Assistants Area.He's the first missionary whom I've ever worked with. I actually don't have any idea about Missionary Work before but I got prompted to work when I visited a ward while I'm on my vacation. He was the missionary assigned that time at that ward with his companion who was previously assigned in our ward. After that, I cannot take off my mind from missionary work. He told me that before I was the one who worked with him, now it's the opposite. He was also happy to see me as an Elder. It really made my week. It's a blessing for me.

Thank you for the love and support!!! I love all of you! I'm still hoping there would be some letters coming in for me here... Hahaha! I'm having faith that I'll receive some (hopefully not in years time). Anyways, I really want to read some letters... Pretty please????? :D


It's kinda fun to work hard and to WALK hard... Hahaha! Just a pun intended. Anyways, I love you all! Have a great week ahead! Peace!!!!! :D

Elder Dimazana

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