Sunday, 26 August 2012

I Know It's True! - Week 20.Serving in Cagayan

Work's really moving here in our area. This coming Sunday we're having a Ward Conference and I'm looking forward for it. We had a lot of great experiences this week not just in the work but in our companionship as well.

We had exchanges last Saturday. Elder Pasco worked in our area with me. We did our best to apply what we've learned in our specialized training and teachings were good. I've learned and even valued more the importance of simple things we do as Missionaries such as planning, studying and praying. I've learned a lot from Elder Pasco and it made me eager to improve myself. 

After reading my bestfriend's letter for me who's now serving in Cauayan Mission. He related to me a lot of his great experiences in his mission. Then he shared to me about doing what Elder Holland said, that "to be able to convert your investigator, you must experience conversion by yourself first". So, I tried doing too that with one of our investigators. We just finished teaching him Lesson 1 and we invited him to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon although he told us that he knows it is true through the things we taught him. But we told him that it is much better to learn the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon by praying and asking Heavenly Father if it is true. Like my bestfriend, I tried doing that too, to ask Heavenly Father about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Although I know it is true, I want to experience it again. My bestfriend shared to me that we must believe first that we'll receive an answer, having real intent and sincere heart in knowing its truthfulness. As I was praying, I felt it again. That warm feeling in your chest, truly "a burning in the bosom". After closing my prayer, I realized that doing the things that we asked our investigator to do will help us in our teachings. Because we've experienced it already and we have a testimony about it. My testimony about the Book of Mormon grew. It helped me understand better what Moroni's invitation is in Moroni 10:3-5. He does answer by the power of the Holy Ghost. It was a great experience for me. And we are trying our best to help our progressing investigators feel the same. 

As for our work last week, we indeed felt Heavenly Father's help with us. One of our Less-Actives is now back at Church! He became Less-Active for almost a year and realized that he miss the Church as well as living the Gospel. He's a Return Missionary and he was offended because they were trying to be sealed in the temple for almost 12 years. In our first teaching with him, we've shared how it is important to endure to the end, to be steadfast in Christ. He understood it and told us that he'll do his best to come back into activity and work their temple dream again. Our Bishop is helping him which is great. He and his son have attended Church Meetings for 3 consecutive weeks now and we know he'll be active in no time. Seeing how different he is from the first time we saw him, truly, the Gospel can change people's lives. It's so amazing, how Heavenly Father works. Now, we are trying our best to help his family as well as his relatives to come back into activity and help them work out their desire to go the temple with the help of the ward.

There's also this Less-Active that we are teaching for quite some time now. She is 60 years old and she was offended because of what happened to her daughter. By just talking to her, we can really feel how heavy she feels with what she experienced. We really felt sad about her experience which made us eager to help her come back. We always express our love for her during our teachings and to really have that "heavy feeling" be washed away through the power of the Atonement. She's progressing little by little. And we are seeing the light in her. Somehow, the burden she feels is slowly fading away. With our last appointment with her, she told us that she too wants that "heavy feeling" be washed away but she need to forgive first other people and to let God do the rest. I know it will take a miracle for her to come back because of what she went through but we believe it can happen and in time we hope to see her come to Church. Elder Pangilinan and I have started to know what our Less-Actives need, and to help them to know more about the Gospel and be converted in it.

Me and Elder Pangilinan are doing great. I really am blessed with our companionship. We continuously do our best to achieve our goals as companions and openly talk about how we can better help each other especially in our weaknesses. There are times that I feel inadequate in the Mission. Guess I still have that fear of failing. But, Elder Pangilinan have helped me change and be strong at all times. It reminded me of my favorite verse in the Bible which is Philippians 4:13 wherein it says that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." How blessed I am to know my Redeemer, to help me at all times. And with the help of His Atonement, I can change. I really can. To have that strength and power beyond my reach.

That's my week everyone. I love serving here in my 2nd area although I know that I'll be staying here for a LONG time. Haha. I have come to know that I am Heavenly Father's child and felt His love even more as I continuously serve Him. I've learned so much for the past few months and I am looking forward for the coming months. To be able to see how the Gospel can bring change and happiness to people's lives, it's so amazing. Indeed, there is no better feeling than teaching a child of God the plan so he can get back to our Father in Heaven. No greater feeling than feeling the spirit of our lord testify about Jesus Christ and his gospel through you. No greater feeling than knowing you are literally in God's army. No greater feeling than knowing we are all literally Children of God. I can tell you with NO DOUBT God our Father and Jesus Christ did appear to Joseph Smith. They did restore this Gospel to the earth in these last days. And I KNOW Jesus Christ Lives. 

So, letters please???? :)
And, transfers are coming so we'll be quite busy again... Oh well, that's normal... Haha... And, I'll be seeing Averelle and Jasper in no time!!! Hahaha... Do give them your letters so I can read them when they arrive... Thank you so much everyone... I love you all! Thanks for the support. :D

Nasayud ko na tinuod kining simbahan ug wala nay lain pang simbahan diri sa kalibutan. Nasayud nako ang kalipay na atong madawat sa pagserbisyo sa atong Langitnong Amahan... Ayahay sa Mission, labi na kon imong matan-aw ang mga pag-usab ng mga tawo. Malipay kaayo ko na nakaila ko ang mga igsoon nako, ug dako ang akong pagpasalamat sa mga amigo nakong Misyonero bag-o ko misulod sa Mission... Dako kaayo ang natabang nila sa akoa... Kabalo ko na usa ako sa mga anak ng atong Ama. Salamat kaayo sa tanan nga suporta ninyo kanako. Gipalangga ko kamong tanan! Padayon lang kita sa pagkat-on sa Ebanghelyo ni Hesukristo. Ug gihapon, amping kamong tanan diha... Mission? "Da best kaayo gyud!" :D


Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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