Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sick??? and... Hospitalized - Week 12.Serving in Jimenez

How are you guys!? Grabe! I got hospitalized! Freak!!!! I never thought that I'll be hospitalized so early, and I wasn't able to attend Church... Oh boy...

Anyways, this week went by so fast. I have learned so much this week especially about patience, diligence and humility. It's kinda hard though when you're always told what to do although you know it. But, I have learned to don't focus on things I can see others are doing the wrong way, rather, help them to improve by being an example...

About my health, I got diagnosed and confined with Pneumonia for 4 days and 3 nights! Oh man! I did love the aircon though. Haha... But seriously, I had a lot time of pondering while in the hospital... Right now I'm still recovering. I'm taking up some meds for the next 7 days.

Anyways, yesterday was our District Meeting. All of a sudden, my companion (DL) urged to have an open forum. During that time, each of us will say something to another missionary, in front. I was like, that's interesting. It went great and I felt the Spirit. I never knew the District really look up to my example, even though I'm just doing small things but they appreciate it. I really felt the Spirit so strong during those times and it comforted me so much! Gaah! To see how you can be an example to others, it is just great! I dunno if I'll get transferred though... I still need to keep up with my companion's work pace 'coz he works more than I usually do. Hopefully, he slows down and consider me. Haha... It's kinda hard to push myself to the limits. But I know that by having the right pace of work will help me...

So yeah, that's my week. I love you all! Keep strong in the Gospel. The growth here is truly amazing! Thank you for your support! Take care!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

After Zone Interview
At the Oroquieta Stake Center
Me and my companion
From Mindanao with love
How long is this chapel???

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