Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Three Musketeers??? - Week 10.Serving in Jimenez

Happy Independence Day to all of you! Well, this week was very interesting... I had trisome with 2 of my DistrictMates since my Trainer finished his mission already. Though he's trunky, I do miss him 'coz he takes care of me so much! Haha... Funny but true...

Anyways, last Wednesday I'm companions with one of the ward members. We had a great day indeed! I was leading everything. It's so cool. I already know what to do, well, that's if I'm leading... We had a great time and the Spirit was just so strong in our studies! He told me I have inspired him to really go on a Mission now and he's thankful for that day. It made me happy. Anyways, we were able to find a family investigator! They are receptive and they love to hear the Gospel. I'm stoked 'coz that day, we are just passing by and I believe that the Lord is placing people in our paths. It's crazy! At the end of the day, we learned so much from each other and I can't wait to do that again...

Then Thursday and Friday came... The trisome happened. Well, I was with E. Vergara and E. Rosario... We had a great time though we walked so far! Hahaha! Anyways, during Friday morning, we had a great study indeed! Geez, I really love leading things when I feel like to. All three of us were amazed on how great that study and practice teaching went by... We are always saying "Pastilan! Astig! Grabe!". It's hard to explain though... Gaah! Haha... Then, it's so funny because for this past week that I don't have my companion, people are just coming at us! We even had a referral while we are walking! Oh boy... Work, work, work... I'm so thankful that I'm reading always Preach My Gospel especially the White Handbook! It's so great! I love applying everything that's in it. I guess that's the reason why my week is fruitful.

Well, my new companion now is E. Basag. He's from Bicol. I'm still adjusting with our companionship 'coz he loves to do everything in his point of view. Haha. But I'm trying my best, again, to be an example. Oh well, I'm learning a lot in adjustments and adapting to changes here in the Mission Field. Patience... Hahaha! But, I'm thankful 'coz he's on-the-go with the work.

I'm loving my first area and for some reason I feel I'll miss it... Oh man, I dunno what's in store next transfer... Hahaha! And also, our Mission President was present in our District Meeting! Surprise! Haha... But it went great and that visit reinforced me to just step things up, that our work will progress. I'm thankful for the Leaders in the Church to guide us and help us progress.

So yeah, that's my week so far... This morning we played basketball with the Young Men in our ward... Had a great exercise! Thank you all for the support. I love all of you! Peace! :)

-Elder Dimazana

Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

I was able to read Proverbs 10:9 and it's a great verse indeed... It taught me about obedience even if others are not doing it... I love reading the scriptures and unpacking every verse just like what Elder Ardern said...

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