Friday, 18 May 2012

Chinese? or Cebuano? - Week 4.Serving in Jimenez

And so, here's my weekly update! Freak! I'm out in the mission field. A lot has happened this week.... Where should I start.... Okay, just an hour after our last temple session, my Mom, and my bestfriend's family surprised me. I thought they postponed their visit. Pres. Taylor permitted it because my Mom is a nonmember. So, my companion and I spent some time with them. That was the day before our flight, April 25, Wednesday.... After that, Pres. Taylor toured my mom around the MTC while me and my companion prepared for our very first real teaching appointment to a real investigator. I really got prompted by the Spirit to do it so I asked Pres. Taylor's permission and he said, "Sure, that's what we do".

So yeah, we taught our Mom. I know it's nerve-racking but the Spirit guided both my companion (E. Visitacion) and I throughout the lesson. Well, it was really emotional. I made my companion commit my Mom to get baptized and she said YES! Freak! The Spirit was just so strong. I can't even believe I did it. My companion told me we did great because it's kinda hard to teach someone from your own family. I know it's the Spirit that helped us. In closing, we got my Mom to pray. And it made me cried because it's my first time to hear my Mom pray from her heart. First time in 21 years! I'm so happy. I'm so happy.

Anyways, the 26th came. We prepared for our departure for our missions. I love my District, my roommates (E. Aloc and E. Collado) and my companion (E. Visitacion). We are just so close. We even had a bit of reunion in the airport. Hahahaha.... After that, we're good to go. We rode our flight (my 1st time to ride and airplane!). Freak! The view was so great! The islands, the sea, the clouds, everything! As for our landing, freak! It's like a roller coaster ride! Hahaha.... So, no worries. I'm fine with it.... Although it was a bit bumpy. Hahaha...

We went to SM City CDO, ate lunch, then to the Mission Office for our Orientations. Then interviews with Pres. Hernaez. Went to the Hotel where we spend the night. Morning came and we had Testimony Meeting and Area Assignments. So, I got assigned with E. Botero (The Aguiton Family knows him). He's from Albay, BIcol. We're out here in Jimenez Ward, Oroquieta. It was an exhausting 6-hour ride. But guess what... At least I had a complete trip. First, by air to go here in CDO. Then we rode a bus then a barge! So it was by air, by land and by sea! Cool!!!! Hahahaha....

First days were my adjustment days. I'm really out. But, I just realized I'm here in Mindanao where people speak another language I'm not familiar with. But, the Spirit was there to help me. I know this sounds weird but I really can understand them.... Right now I can speak Cebuano. And whenever I speak to people, I feel the Spirit's help. You know, that burning in the bosom. It's just great! I have talked to a lot of people here already. Even the other Elders, the people here and my batchmate  (E. Villanueva) were surprised on how I can speak Cebuano... It's all because of Him. I was preparing for an attribute sharing and I shared about Faith. That's why my faith increased and my trust in Him as well. I can do these things because of Him...

So, that's all for now... I'll be sending pictures bit by bit 'coz uploading is a bit of a hassle. Anyways, I know that this is the Lord's work. I have a testimony of it. I love this work. I love the Gospel. This is truly the best 2 years! I'm so thankful for everything. I love all of you! In the name of Christ. Amen.

Elder Dimazana

Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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