Friday, 18 May 2012

Get the work done - Week 6.Serving in Jimenez

Hello everyone!

As for this week, I'm thankful for the immediate changes in my family when my Mom informed me about it last Mother's Day. It made me happy and more enthusiastic to work hard and help the people here. The Lord always does his part.

I have learned so much from the Mission Tour and Conference with Elder and Sis. Ardern last week. One of the things I love about it was checking if our message matches on how we look. Indeed, it is important to know who we are and who we are representing. Also, I loved Elder Ardern's message about reading and unpacking what we've read from the Scriptures. It helped me in my Personal Study as I study for the people we teach. Unpacking the things I've read with the Holy Ghost's guidance gave me a lot of insights about how the Gospel can touch people, bless their lives, etc. I love the fact that I'm one of His messengers to bring this unique message to everyone.

As for my training, I'm thankful E. Botero told me a lot of things. He told me that for the upcoming weeks (it started this week) that I will be doing most of the things. It's hard at first but I've learned a lot! I'm taking turns in leading and teaching and inviting people to learn. It was a huge leap for me. But I've gained confidence thru the Lord's help. We had a lot of work during the last 2 days of the past week. And this week, I'll be so into it. My trainer is right since he's leaving me behind and it's a huge responsibility for me. It truly is. With His helop, I am determined and more willing now t do whatever He wants me to do, however big or small it is.

Now, I've instilled within me to just "get the work done" the way He wants it done. It's so great! My confidence has boosted this week. I am more willing to open my mouth and like what Elder Ardern said, "it shall be filled".

Please write me letters. Hahaha! I want to have something in my hands from all of you...

Thank you for your support and love.
Elder Dimazana

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