Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Firm in the Gospel - Week 73.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Como esta??? How are you all? This is another great week for me. Hehehe...

First, we had exchanges last Wednesday, and I'm with Elder Bravo. Elder Bravo was supposed to be my companion and we were supposed to be threesome, again. But it's fine though since I'm resting this cycle. He's still struggling with the language but I know he can learn it in time. We've studied about the Doctrine of Christ. We've applied it in our work and Elder Bravo did enjoy the time. We had this teaching with a less-active member. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ since she's one of the persons we're focusing in our area. Sister has a big problem on her faith, and with her family. But, through the commitments we gave her, she is making progress! She said that her faith is building. At the end of that lesson, she told us, "Elders, I think it's time for me to go back". Words can't describe what we felt after she said that. It's like I want to jump with joy because she is feeling the Spirit big time. We know that in a few weeks, she'll come to church as she keeps doing her commitments.

As for yesterday, it was a sumptuous Spiritual Feast with the Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Nielson. I really enjoyed it! There's so much things that I've learned during that. What caught my attention was Sister Nielson's talk about companionship relationship. Well, all that she said is true. I know it. In my mission, I've learned about it when I reached my 13-month mark. Before, I just want to get things done and it's hard when you and your companion are not on the same level. President Hernaez taught me about that and it took me some time to really understand it. And then, Sister Nielson said one of the most profound things that I really loved, and I quote, "You can never change your companion to become like you and be loved by you". It's true! A companionship works best when they respect each other and help each other out. Finding a middle ground works out and that's why I'm enjoying my time so far. It's great!

We've also tackled about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and I really love that article which I first read during my first month in the mission. I was really struggling that time and I learned great things from that article, about the enabling power of the atonement. I know I could not change my circumstances, but through the atonement, it could give me strength to overcome those. There are many times in my mission that I was held back by my limitations, but the Lord truly works in marvelous ways. I really love feeling the Spirit working in me and other's lives. Seeing the people that we teach feel the Savior's love makes me happy. Helping someone through sharing the Gospel is really a big thing for me.

Last Sunday, I was able to be in my previous area for a devotional... I was so happy to see the members in my previous area (CDO 2nd, Bulua and Patag). In Bulua and Patag, they were happy to see me 'coz there was no time for me to bid farewell to them. I could still remember the ward mission leader there when he saw me and shouted my last name in the street. Hahaha! I love the members in the areas that I've served. Also, my 2nd area, I've learned that Ryan (our investigator there was just baptized last Saturday!). And, the one who baptized him was a Recent Convert in which we first taught a few months ago! I am so happy for both of them. Hahaha!

I always love a missionary's quote in PMG District 2 wherein I realized this: "As missionaries, we are happy not because we have baptisms. We are happy because they are getting baptized." Read between the lines and ponder about it. And, you'll see what I saw. And it's true. I'm so very happy for their baptisms. Also, I saw the very first baptism that I experienced in the mission. He has a kid now! LOL! And they're getting sealed, hopefully be next year after I go home. They told me a joke telling me that the name of their child was my last name. Haha... Funny. But, I really love those couple. They're progressing. One is a recent convert and one is a less-active member. Both are active. And they're receiving the blessings of the Gospel. The family is now active even his brother-in-law. So, it's fulfilling. :)


I also saw my former companions (Elder Panti and Elder Castillo)

I'm doing well here. It rains at times here but all is well. Adventure always. Hahaha! Oh well, have a great week guys! Love you all! :)

Elder Dimazana

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