Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Comfort + Success = Hardwork! - Week 70.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

So, I got emergency transferred. Hahaha! I'm still training, my 6th trainee so far. LOL! President gave me a break to relieve me of stress just for 6 weeks and I'll be back in no time.
Well, this area is just opened for 6 weeks, so, OPEN AREA! Haha! And I'm training as well. But, my new companion is very funny and laughing so we're enjoying our time here :D
Anyways, week was good. I love the members! Good thing in my previous area I have proven how powerful they are in this work. So, this week, members will be working with us and help us out in the area. Hopefully, before I leave my companion, which probably would happen next cycle, we'll help the ward with all that we can. Haha!
I've attached some pictures of my new apartment. Adjustment is quite good since I'm still under my old district. Our District Leader was my trainee before and seeing him grow made me so happy! ^^, I can't wait for his growth now that he's a District Leader. I'll support him with all I got. It's so fun to train future mission leaders. Some of my trainees have trained already. Some are doing great progress. It really makes an impact for me. And I'm training myself as well in terms of character. Despite my limitations in work, we're doing great miracles in the mission.

Last Sunday, a less-active who haven't been to church for 9 months in my previous area went to church! The Missionaries there told me and I was happy for that brother since he's a leader in the church. I'll be having exchanges in my previous area some time this month but for now, new area to explore! I can't wait to learn and grow again.
Well, that's my week. I love you guys! Keep safe!

Elder Dimazana

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