Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Prayer and Confirmation - Week 74.Serving in Alubijid 2nd

Hello guys! Whew. Well, things are going well. I can't believe that the transfer's almost done! It was a freakin fast transfer! Haha...

Anyways, this week's great. Though we still need to exert more efforts. We found a couple of investigators and less-actives to teach. Our teaching pool is going bigger and bigger as weeks pass by. It's really cool to see how the Lord leads us in finding those people. I always love finding Less-Active members. Most of them are either offended or shy to go back because of their transgressions or heavy problems. So, seeing them open to us and trust us as the Lord's agents helps us to see the greatness of this work.

We haven't followed-up some of our investigators this week due to a conflict in schedule. Though, Elder Respicio's doing well and he's making progress both in the work and in his health. Me too. Haha. We're really trying our best to take things down slowly and learn from each other. Each day, we always goal to see the small things that the Lord wants us to see. Sometimes, when we get punted (which happens most of the time), we'll still be positive and say to ourselves that the Lord has something in store for us. And He does! We've been led to some people that the Lord wants us to meet. We'll be following-up on them this coming week.

As for the less-actives, they are progressing, not all of them though. Also, we do feel that the work is catching up slowly. Even though Alubijid 2nd is just on its 3rd month, I guess I really love opening areas. It's been the same when I got in Bulua. We've tracked down fruitful parts of the area so after this transfer, we'll expect fruits. We'll be praying and fasting for it. We have faith that the Lord will bless us. I know it because I've experienced it throughout my mission.

We had this one lesson, with Sister Vanessa. I really love teaching that family. The mother is less-active and brother is out of the country working, while the kids just returned to church with their grandparents. Hopefully, sister will come to church with her kids this Sunday. She's so progressing! I guess the Lord works in His ways. She always tell us that her faith is building and that her prayers are getting answered. We'll be happy to see them as a family.

Oh well, time sure is fast! Me and my companion are doing great and we're having fun. I don't know what will happen this transfer but I'm grateful to have a great companion. We're having lot of fun times at work, in the apartment and even just walking. Hahaha! Man, I guess I'm getting even more quirkier by the minute.
While traveling this afternoon, I was pondering on the bus and praying. I guess I'm rekindling my mission life so far. It's great and I've learned a lot. I'm grateful for how Heavenly Father responds to my prayers. Getting confirmation from those prayers are very rewarding. I guess one would always write it down on his/her journal. It's just rewarding.

Attached are some photos in the District. My companion's just so funny. Anyways, have a great week ahead guys!

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