Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Danish Hitch? - Week 69.Serving in Bulua

Aloha! Whew! Thanks for the e-mails! :)

Well, transfers are coming in a jiffy. I have a gut feeling of getting transferred. But we'll see that later. Anyways, there are tons of spiritual stuffs that happened this week! It was really fun. I am really appreciating how the Lord helps us in His work.

So, last Saturday, when we were on our way to our last appointment, we worked in our farthest area since we had a return appointment there. It was dark when we finished working there. The road was of course, dark. While walking, we passed by this foreigner opening the gate of their house, preparing his car to go out. Then, I greeted him "Good Evening". He replied back. We continued walking. As we were walking, I leaned at the back and saw his car coming out. Then, a thought came to my mind that the man will give us a free ride back. In my mind I was like, that's insane. We're in the middle of the night and he barely know us. But I prayed in my mind while smiling, and thought, if it's from the Spirit, then it'll surely happen. Then, he passed by, pulled-over and asked if we were going on the highway (you could see the look on his face that he's not sure of what he's doing, asking us for a ride). We said yes and he let us in so we hopped in and had a little conversation with him. It was a bit hard since he's danish and I could get a word of two. But it was a great experience. He couldn't understand us as well so, I just left a pass-along card at the back of the seat and thanked him and went on our way. We'll go back to his house sometime this week.

Then, last Sunday, we had 81 people in attendance! Yay! That was so many! And we have a couple of progressing investigators. So, work's balancing again. But the greatest thing that happened here would be Less-Actives coming to church. One family that we were focusing went to church last Sunday. I never thought brother would come to church because he told us he has work, but he was there! I know he did felt our last lesson. Also, one of the less-actives we're focusing as well was not able to attend church. But, his mother gave us a letter written by him and the words that's inside there really made me happy. Next Sunday for sure, he'll be at church after 9 months or so of inactivity. And, there's more people coming to church. I know it's the Lord's outpouring blessings here. I'm happy for the ward's support. I testify that harnessing the power of members is so important. What Preach My Gospel says is true that when members and missionaries coordinate the work, work will surely hasten.

I've attached some pictures as well. The places there is in our farthest area, the seaside which I explored the first time. Wee. And, the District as well.

I'll surely miss this area for sure. It's been 6 months and it's so fast! Geez, But its okay... I grew a lot here and I'm ready for my new area or so. Haha! We'll see about that this week.

Thanks for the great messages guys! I only have a few months left and I'm learning so much about my relationship with Heavenly Father. It impacted me when we were teaching this young woman just beneath our apartment, our neighbor. We taught her together with the members who were our neighbors as well, and she prayed great! She felt the Spirit despite not having much Christian background. I can remember the words she said. It made her cry and after praying, she told us, she felt good and peaceful. I know that it's the Holy Ghost testifying to her of the truthfulness of our message. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ lives! They love us so much. And in my personal study this morning, I was able to read Alma 13. It's a great chapter which I would like to share with you guys.

Anyways, 'till next week guys! Have a great week! :)
Elder Dimazana

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