Tuesday, 16 July 2013

From Three Musketeers to Two Cavaliers - Week 67.Serving in Bulua

Well, mission has a lot of surprises. One of my companions will be leaving this Thrusday. I'll surely miss him 'coz we had a great time here for almost 2 cycles. Tomorrow will be our last work with him, funny 'coz it's also our zone interview tomorrow and dinner with the Bishop here.

Anyways, last week was a so-so day. We had a little bit of problem with our companionship, us three. And last night, we resolved it after evaluation and did some companionship inventory. I really love inventory! The Spirit was great because we were all calm and really listened to each other. Because of that, I'm really sure that our companionship became stronger, though, it's just surprising to know one needs to go. But I will always remember what he said, which is also my favorite scripture verse in the bible. He said that there's a purpose to everything and it's true. Because of that inventory experience, all three of us became edified.

Last Sunday, I guess was the most number of attendance during my stay here. I'm really happy seeing how the Lord works in His ways. I only have less than 9 months left! Time's so fast!!!
The thing that I'm really happy about the mission are the things that I've learned that I can never get from any secular education. The revelations and inspirations one receives here is really a higher plane of thought. It's just surreal how the Lord teaches us everyday and helps us to stretch ourselves everyday.

The District is doing fine and baptisms are coming shortly. I'm happy for all of them, for their work and for the bond that we have. And, transfers are coming shortly so it'll be another interesting event to look forward to.

Well, the Zone Leaders treated us at YellowCab after my follow-up check-up. Hehe. And, this was my breakfast earlier this morning while studying.

Anyways, thing are going great here and I'm so happy I went on a mission despite knowing the fact that it's coming to an end in less than a year. I'm grateful for the people that I've met here and for the testimonies borne. Oh, and the very first baptism that I have is still active and is planning to get sealed with his wife somewhere next year or so. So, I'm excited for them! ^^

Also, the baptism that Elder Abad and I had here, she's so progressing! Excited for her to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead.

I'm so happy to have the Gospel in my life and for the lessons it taught me. Just want to share a great chapter in the Book of Mormon. It's in Alma 7, the whole chapter is about Alma and his preaching to the people of Gideon, their brethren in the faith. And, I love how Alma expected them to be righteous and prepare themselves for the advent of Christ. It just told me that Heavenly Father will be even more happier as we strive to receive the Gospel in our lives and be active in it, not just be active in the church.

So, that's our week! Next week, it'll just be the me and my trainee. Oh well. That' mission life. Have a great week


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