Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Missing A Good Ol' Buddy - Week 68.Serving in Bulua

So Elder Abad leaves to his new mission this night. It's been almost a week since he left here. Elder Dulam and I are doing great! My trainee's so diligent. Haha! What can I expect? LOL!

Anyways, lots of things happened. One of the less-actives we are having a hard time with went to church last Sunday! Lol! After 4 months of teaching I guess. Thanks to his father who we met last last Sunday. And this coming Sunday, they'll go to church as a family! Yay! The Lord is really answering our prayers.

Well, work is really different being just two compared to a threesome. But that's mission. Need to adjust every time. Haha! Though, we miss someone who is noisy in the apartment, in a good way of course.

We had our zone interviews this week as well. We were able to meet our new Mission President and his wife and we know new things are coming into the Mission. I can't never forget what President told me that my calling as a trainer is really very very important, compared to other missionary callings. So, he told me to expect more trainees O.o So far, I already had 4 trainees. And, It'll be counting I guess. Haha. We'll see in the coming transfer week, next week. LOL!

I've attached some pictures as Elder Abad leaves and the family who is close to us. Last Sunday, Elder Dulam and I taught that family after thanking one of the members who worked with us. Sister shared to us her mission and me and my trainee learned so much! Haha! It was an edifying Sunday even though it's raining hard here, so work is a bit, muddy. Haha!

The District is having more baptisms than ever. Haha! We're leading the Mission in terms of Progressing Investigators. Wee! I'm happy for the District. I know they are really loving the people they are teaching. Elder Dulam and I will have a finding week this week and we've already found some yesterday.

Well, the Mission really is a great learning experience. It has drawn me closer to Christ than ever before. Each day before I sleep, I love prayer! I'm grateful for all of you guys who have supported me and sustained me. Thank you very much!

Have a great week!

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