Saturday, 22 September 2012

Rushed... and Fine (At Least) - Week 24.Serving in Cagayan

Ahoy! Haha... It's quite a learning week for me. I've learned so much and realized so much this past week.

Last Sunday, I got rushed in the hospital. After Ward Council Meeting, me and my companion decided to go home since I am so hot because of my fever and my head feels so heavy, I actually don't understand what we've discussed in Ward Council Meeting halfway though since I feel a bit dizzy. Then, when we got home, I rested but couldn't sleep because of my fever and was having chills. Around 9PM I think, they've insisted to take me to the hospital because I really am not feeling so well. So, we did. While in the car, I was chilling so much! Then, when we were on our way, I experienced chills with edema (my hands and feet were numbe), in short, I was almost in seizures but tried my best to be awake. Then, one of the APs rushed from the front seat to the back seat and told my companion to bless me. It was surreal because, my situation was actually a bit scary but through that blessing, things changed. I remained more calm and my faith grew that all will be well. I was still having chills when we got home and needed to take up some meds. I was thankful for my companion for his sacrifice in taking care of me. Truly, he treated me not just an ordinary friend, but a brother. He sacrificed some of his sleep to watch over me and help me take my meds. My testimony about the power of the priesthood grew because of that experience.

Morning came, and as me and my companion went on our way for the Zone Training Meeting (I'm still not feeling well though), he related to me his experience while giving me a blessing. It was weird for him that time since, it was so spiritual. And, I felt what he said.

As for this week, it was actually a great week for me. There are good things and bad things that happened to me this past week. And yes, I was actually a bit stressed out with the events that happened the previous week. I couldn't help but think and ponder about the things that happened and its significance in my life.

For the good part, we held a second special sacrament last Sunday for one of our Less-Actives who's not able to go to church due to her condition, and to our surprise, she was so happy waiting for us while sitting and she groomed herself a bit. The sacrament went well and sister was thankful as ever to our Heavenly Father that she may renew her covenants with Him.

As for the ward, we had a home-teaching caravan which was great since the home teachers are now moving and doing the work. Also, we were thankful for the Ward Executive Secretary since he helped us in updating the New and Returning Member Progress Forms. We had a meeting with him before teaching the Less-Active father of his wife and set goals and plans for the month. After which, we taught the Less-Active father of his wife, along with some of their family members. It was actually a spirit-filled experience for me because the Spirit was there when we gave the lesson and I know in time, that family will be completed again in going to church every Sunday. I was so thankful for that lesson since I learned as well, about the importance of doing family prayer, family scripture study and attending Church as a family.

As for the not-so-good part, last Saturday, I really got stressed out in the afternoon and was not feeling well. So I told E. Pangilinan that I need to rest which we did. Lately, I've been thinking too much and been serious with some stuffs. I did have a hard time getting those things out of my mind so I asked E. Pangilinan for a blessing of comfort and after which I rested for the rest of the day.

Sunday came and before we work, he talked to me sincerely because he's concern with me with the consistent highblood pressure I had for the past days and if I'm stressed out as well as if there are things that I needed to tell him. It was actually the best time for me to tell him the things that's bugging me for a while. I told him of those things and asked his help and understanding. He told me of simple things that I could do and lightened me up. It was actually great because I feel more comfortable talking to him as my companion and opening to him more and more. I was thankful for that experience. I maybe weak at times because of my fears, but he told me that I need to "decide" on things that I need to do. To have that courage and strength I need. I'm continually praying and hoping for opportunities to improve so I could help more souls as I do the Lord's work. To really loosen up a bit and be "enthusiastic" with the work.

For the past few days I've been hoping and praying for strength so I can be the Missionary the Lord wants me to be, to really bring out the best in me and be a better servant to those whom I serve. Now, I'm still strengthening up my resolve to overcome my fears and to do better. The past days and the things I learned was so personal for me. I can't help but sing at times hymn #112 "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul". I am so much grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which helped me so much, to do things beyond my reach. My weaknesses have helped me step by step to become better, and to look forward to the promise in Ether 12:27.

I'm still waiting for letters though. It's almost christmas and my birthday as well... Hahaha...

Oh well. Take care you all! :D

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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