Sunday, 2 September 2012

Meeting an Apostle! - Week 22.Serving in Cagayan

Good day! First of all, got some chocolates from a family I really love. (:

As for our week, we had a spirit-filled week! It was really great. Despite the reduced time in proselyting this week, we need to look forward for greater things that can happen with our work. And it did! I consider this week one of the best weeks I ever had in the Mission.

We followed up with Bishop last Sunday concerns about our work wherein we told Bishop about what's happening in Home Teaching. We expressed our eagerness in helping the ward by volunteering as trainers in the workshop for the Home Teachers. Bishop liked it and he expressed his gratitude to us about it and in following-up with the New and Returning Member Progress Forms. Also, we will now hold a Special Sacrament for a sister every Sunday starting this coming Sunday.

As with our work, a brother who was reactivated just gave the invocation last Sunday for the Sacrament Meeting and his son, who recently received the Priesthood, passed the sacrament. How great was our joy to see his son passing the sacrament for the first time. Truly, we are happy to see them come back to Church! I felt Heavenly Father's love for us even more. As we were talking to him, he told us how happy he was to see his son passing the sacrament and how he accompanied and told his son what to do. Right now, brother is being focused to enter the temple again and perform ordinances there. We are now planning who else are closer to enter the temple and prepare them.

In our teaching with a sister, we told her the great news we have and she was so happy to hear it and was thankful for the help we've extended her. Because of that, I appreciated more that I'm able to attend the Sacrament Meetings. I've understood more the importance of weekly renewing our covenants with the Lord, to "offer up thy sacraments" as seen in D&C 59:9-10.

I want to share to you one of the greatest experience I had here in the Mission. As I was preparing Spiritually for the Missionary Meeting with Elder Cook, I've pondered so much on how I can be more sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit, to just improve myself. Saturday morning came and as E. Pangilinan and I were on our way to the office to prepare the programs for the Meeting, I felt so peaceful, the same peace I felt while I am in the temple grounds! It made me so much happy. I miss the temple but feeling that way, surprised me. I asked myself countless times within the day, why did I felt that way. And I was pondering why, I assessed myself what more I can do, so that the strong feeling I have will stay with me each day. And I know what to do.

While E. Pangilinan and I were working, I got prompted to express my gratitude to him for all the things I've learned from him and for the great companionship we have. He responded the same way and the Spirit edified both of us all day long. It was one of the greatest days I had despite the reduced time in work. Truly, great things can happen in this work and I am so thankful for all the great Spiritual experiences I have here in the Mission. I am so thankful for my companion and for how the Spirit works in our companionship. I love Elder Pangilinan not only as my companion but as a brother. He has taught me a lot and I am so thankful for the great experiences we had in our companionship.

During the Missionary Meeting, one thing caught my attention while Elder Teh was sharing his message. It was when he asked us if we "feel the same way that we first feel when we arrived here in the Mission". I am so much happy to tell you that I do feel the same way when I first arrived here in Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission. I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for all the things He has done for me, for all the people I've met in my life, and for this great opportunity to serve a Mission.

I am impressed with the performance of the Missionaries during the Missionary Meeting. One question came to me, was this week's performance - of discipline, diligence and obedience - an act, or if it is really our true character? I saw how we are capable of being. If we are like that all the time, I can't imagine how the work would progress. That experience taught me more about being reverent. I learned that as we become more reverent, we can see a transformation in our lives. To really bring out what the Lord wants for us.

Well, I'm not feeling well for the past 2 days but I am thankful for how my co-office staffs are taking care of me, especially my companion. It's a great experience for me to get to know them and how they helped me and inspire me in this work.

I love you all! That's my week.

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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