Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nerds and Workout - Week 59.Serving in Bulua

Kamusta?! Hahaha! This week was a blast. Attached are pictures of the week....

Well, this week, had my first baptismal interview! Lol! And we had it near the sea! You can see it here though. So neat! Because their house is neighbors with people who are gambling, so no Spirit for sure. And, there's someone who is singing karaoke, so we had to find a place where the Spirit is conducive. And, we went near the sea! Haha... It was a wonderful and spiritual experience for me... 

And, we'll be having a baptism this Saturday! Yay! The District will be having 5 baptisms so we're happy... Can't wait for Monday! Haha!

One thing I can't forget this week is the lesson we learned with regards to planning. We weren't able to go out last Saturday because I'm not feeling well and we forgot to do our daily planning. Sunday came and when we went out for work, everything felt odd. We had a hard time to yield to each other. After 2 lessons, we had the same feeling towards the work so we evaluated while walking. And we have the same idea in mind why. So, before going to our last appointment, we planned and discussed a bit and all went well after that. Now, we can't go out without doing what we should do. The Spirit is just strong and we really love to have it always because we know it is the true teacher, we're just instruments for the Spirit to teach and testify to the people we're teaching. I'm grateful for Elder Abad because we're so open to teach other. We had a great time with our companionship inventory this week.

Well, I'm learning my weaknesses here. I do admit that I'm prideful in my own little way. It's hard to be humble, nonetheless, teachable. But, each day, I evaluate myself and ask if the things I'm doing are aligned with God's will. It's a humbling experience for sure. I'm still overcoming my past behaviors but I'm grateful for how the Lord works in my life. I love this work. It has taught me of my purpose in life.

The Gospel is really important in our lives. Without it, we won't know how to have peace in this life and happiness in the life to come. I'm grateful for the Lord's call to serve a mission. It's been a miracle. Everyday, I get to see how the Spirit works especially with me. Prayers are really answered as long as we have that faith.

My companion and my housemates call me Nerds... Haha... Each of us has a "name" but, I guess we need to go over the handbook. Haha... Just with us 4 though. And, exercise! Elder Abad taught me a lot on exercise. So morning exercises with him paid off. A way of relieving stress..

Well, that's our week. I love you all! 

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission


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