Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Duo with my Best Bud! Haha! - Week 58.Serving in Bulua

Compadres!!!!! News!!!!!!!! I'm companions now with my bestfriend, Elder Jasper Abad! Cool aye?!

This week is a great week. Of course, I'm enjoying the work so much with my new companion! Hahahaha! Also, there's so much going on with our work! The Spirit is super strong! My companion and I are so united! We are striving to be more obedient! It's great to feel the companionship of the Holy Ghost! It's so cool! The promptings are so strong and we are saying things we didn't mean to say. The Spirit takes over so after our teachings, we evaluate and just can't believe what happened. The mission is the best as long as we do what is said in D&C 64:29.

Here are our pictures together! Hahaha... Now you can believe that I'm companions with Elder Abad. Fun fun fun!

We're preparing for our baptism next week! Yay! She is progressing and she feels the Spirit... Whew! We're having a good time. Consistent studying and planning helped us. The Spirit is so strong! Everytime we teach, we can't describe what just happened in the teaching because we are speaking words that the Spirit strongly prompts us to say. Sometimes, we can't believe we said those things. Haha! But the Spirit takes over and do the actual teaching so it's so cool!!!!!

Hmmm... There's so much work to do here. I'm grateful for the blessings Heavenly Father gave me. I'm loving the mission. This is the happiest I've ever been in my whole stay here. Hahaha!

One thing we've learned so much is the importance of obedience. What God says will always be right. And as we follow the Lord's inspiration, He promised us that all will be well. And it's true! There's so much going on with the woodwork. The ward is so supportive. I love this area! Haha!!!! Nothing more we could ask for. Just, work, work, work!

Thanks for everything! Love ya all! Keep safe always! ^^

Elder Dimazana


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