Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Raining Baptisms! - Week 60.Serving in Bulua

Howdy yo?! Yeah! Our baptism last Saturday was very successful! Elder Abad and I are having a great time together... He really taught me to work out! And I'm having fun with it since it's a stress outlet. Haha...

Anyways, baptisms are raining in our District! Yay! It made me happy as their District Leader. All in all, we had 6 baptisms this month, and 5 of those happened just this past week. I love doing baptismal interviews. It's so spiritual... And, it's a feeling I'll never forget.

Hmm, Elder Abad and I had a little misunderstanding and we talked about it for a few days and Companionship Inventory helped! Both of us knows why it should be done and I learned a lot in this companionship. So many spiritual experiences. As companions, we need to yield to each other. I love the Spirit and the unity that we have in doing the Lord's work. Sometimes, Elder Abad and I would evaluate immediately after the lessons because we're blown away at times. Haha... We always talk about our teaching appointments because it is really great when the Spirit takes over. The transition is really great! We're having a great time in our companionship. Also, we're helping each other out and I do admit, he has helped me a lot personally in overcoming my weaknesses. In return, I teach him the understanding I have about Missionary work. So, all's really great!

Well, we have a daily scripture verse reading together. Before going to bed/after waking up, we are reading Pres. Hinckley's book which contains inspiring messages for the day with a scripture verse included. So, it's great everyday. Hehe...

This morning, we had an unwinding activity to relieve our stress out. It was fun. I really love the breeze of the sea. It calms me and relaxes me. Haha... And, also, I was pondering while sitting, looking out in the vast horizon. God's creation are really majestic. It made me admire the Creation even more. Seeing the white clouds, the hampering waves, the marine life, the people running around and having fun, and lots more. I guess it's one of the principles I love about the Gospel. Haha...

Anyways, I'm loving my stay here. I think I would love to stay here for as long as I can. Haha! I can't feel that time is passing by. It's fast but I'm excited to work everyday and learn new things, meet new people and see how other's progress in the Gospel.

So, Elder Abad and I are still having a great time! Haha! Pictures! Yeah! And, I feel so blessed. I really love this work! Hope you guys are all right there! Would love to hear from you... Have a great week! ^^

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