Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The 9-year old Legend! - Week 55.Serving in Bulua


Well, this was a pretty good week for me. Though I'm not feeling well for the past days and I can't sleep! Stressed! But it's okay. We played basketball today early in the morning. It was really great! One thing that surprised me is our Stake President's grandson who is 9 years old but plays like a man! He shoots 3 points! Haha! Legit! He even joins the tournament for players 16 years old under, so it's kinda cool. Haha!

Anyways, work is getting up about in the District. We'll be having a baptism this May 4. Yay! We're still preparing her though. Hehe! The ward is so supportive and we'll be having a CSP this Saturday! Mangrove planting! Woo! Hopefully I can send pictures by next week.

Time sure flies so fast! My serving time is sliding way too fast, more than I can imagine. I can't help but think what to do when I get back. Guess that's normal. Haha! But hopefully I could adjust. I'm not trunky, well maybe a bit. Haha! Just kidding.

Last District Meeting we discussed about how Key Indicators help us as Missionaries in focusing on our purpose. Well, it was a great discussion! I've learned a lot and saw planning in a different way. It's kinda exciting to really talk about, carefully plan what we could to best help the people we are teaching and how could focus on them.

Hmmm. I'm writing tons of letters. It's already May, but its next week. I've just finished reading Jacob 5. It interested me so much! Although it took me some few hours to somehow get its message but after learning it, and immersing what the prophet Zenos speaks of, it's so great! It talks about so many things and how the prophecy is being fulfilled today! It really is near. Its exciting!

I think I've grown so much in the Mission. I've been pondering when I can't sleep. Life really is short and there's so much to do when you think about it. Haha! But, I'm grateful nevertheless for having the Gospel in my life. It taught me so much on how I can view myself, especially as a child of God. He really loves us in every way. It's in Jacob 5 also when He wept, and pondered, what can he do more for His vineyard. I'm loving this work. Thank you everyone for supporting me. ^^

Well, gotta go. Still need to do lots of reporting. Haha. There's no day that I'm not fully loaded with works. But it's okay. It'll really prepare me for my life after the Mission. Thanks so much for everything. 'Till next time!

Love you all,
Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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