Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Spiritual Feast! - Week 54.Serving in Bulua

Halo amigos!!!

Whew! This week is really a great week... There's so much happening in the work... I love it! Hahaha! I'm so enjoying the work now... Being optimistic has helped me a lot and I'm so much having a lot of fun.

Well, the people that we are teaching are progressing, investigators aside... But we'll be having a baptism next month! Yay!!! It'll be my 2nd... The first baptism that I had in the Mission is really meaningful and he's still active as ever! Great news! He's really converted... I'm happy for him to receive the gospel in his life...

Anyways, the week is a spiritual feast. Monday, Zone Training Meeting. Friday, Zone Interviews. And Saturday and Sunday is General Conference Sessions. I loved the week! Not for the less work though. Haha. But for the things I've learned here in the Mission. I have grown so much and I could testify to that... And, I love the area! Serving here in Bulua is really amazing. The members and the leaders are great! I love it! And, reactivation efforts are so evident. Every week, there's a new face to see. Last Sunday, 3 young men  came to church together with the Young Men President who's working with us. It's a sight to see, the Bishop hugging them after a long time. What a great moment.

Hmm... For us, I'm learning a ton from scripture reading!! Yes! Everyday I made it a habit, whether personal study or not. Haha... It worked for me quite well and I can't sleep without reading a chapter! Sick! And, everyday, I'm excited to work. Everyday, I'm more excited to talk to those who doesn't have the Gospel because I know with all the surety of my heart that it is God's plan for us to guide us to have peace and happiness in our lives whatever our circumstances may be. I'm grateful I served a Mission. It has taught me a lot and is preparing me for my life after it. I'm grateful for our Loving Father in Heaven who always show His love to us everyday. Trials may come for our profit and learning, and it will be for a small moment. Our faith in Him and trust in Him will really have to play the role. He keeps His promises and it is true. I have tested it and I know it.

I'm happy serving the Lord. I've learned so much!!! I'm enjoying talking to people who I don't know. Haha. Yes! It feels so good to feel the Holy Ghost. It's unimaginable. It's surreal! And just like what it says in John 7:17, as we live the Gospel, we will know if it be of God or from just a person...

Well, that's the week. Thanks for all the support and prayers! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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