Tuesday, 19 February 2013

D meets the Z! - Week 46.Serving in Bulua

Howdy yo?! Hmmm... A lot has happened. And yeah, I'm out of the office! Back to the full-time field work. Haha... I'm now here in my 3rd area, in Bulua. I was called to be the District Leader and companions with Elder Zata.

So, we are 6 in the District. The Patag Elders (Elder Lee & Elder Morga), us (Bulua Elders) and the Iponan Sisters (Sister Rivera & Sister Munar). A lot has happened this week. After training my office trainee Elder Ambrosio (well he's my first trainee in the mission, but in the office. Haha), did a lot of work. Whew, training is really exhausting. But nevertheless, I've learned a lot in the office.

Okay, as for the work. After I got here in the area, I was surprised because there's no work for the past days! Freak! But I understand since they are trisome for the time being since the former District Leader here is now in the office. Kind of a swap. LOL! But of course not! So, after placing my things in the room, I prepared my proselyting bag and then picked up my planner and told my companion, "Elder let's study and plan and then work". He was surprised of course because I just got here in the area and I'm in my work mode already. I was actually surprised too since I'm tired and exhausted but I was so hungry to work. So we did work and met the leaders and it was awesome.

Our area is a hard one in terms of conversion and retention. It's sad to see it but we know we need to a lot of work here! I'm dreaming to see the sacrament hall filled up with people. And also, the sacrament hall looks great! It's the first time I saw one like it in our ward since the front seats are different and it's so big! I guess the design is the same as the wards outside the country or so. But nevertheless, I love our chapel. Haha!

Monday came and had my first District Meeting as the new District Leader. It was nerve-racking since the APs were there. All went well and we learned about the importance of testimony in inviting people to be baptized. I've learned so much as I prepared what we'll be tackling during the meeting. There's so many challenges being a leader but I know that it'll be a great growth for me again. So much to do and so much work that needs to be done. But I'm grateful that the Lord has assigned me here. I'm loving the work and our companionship. We pledged to be both diligent and obedient everyday. Hehe...

So, yeah! that's our week. Looking for the coming weeks to come. Love you guys! I miss you too. Hope you could write me a letter though? Haha... Have a great week! Keep safe!

With love,
Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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