Monday, 23 July 2012

"The Office" (Season One) - Week 15.Serving in Cagayan

And I got transferred last Friday and was called as the new Personal Secretary of our mission! Geez! Though it was funny because the Assistants called me to inform me when I'll go to the office. They were telling me the details and I was just replying with 'okay'. Hahaha! 'Coz I already know I'm transferring.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to my friends, Averelle and Jasper! Hahaha! I know you're coming here because I'm in the office and that's my work! Prepare as much as you can before coming here. I hope you can read this. I'll just see you around here when you arrive. Ha!

So, working a bit late here in the Office. Transfers are really the times we office staffs are busy but I can cope with that. I still need to familiarize myself with the schedule, get things done as early as possible, and a lot of stuffs. I dunno why most people say that when one gets assigned in the office they get trunky. When I arrived here, I actually enjoyed being transferred here! Weird! Maybe because we have special assignments and we still need to work! Ha! That's really interesting and I'm challenged with it. (:

Oh, and I so LOOOOOOOVE our area! I'm back in the city! Hahaha... Freak, I miss the city. And also, I'm excited to work with my new companion! He's great and we get along so well. I'm stoked to see what will happen with us in the coming transfers because we will be companions for quite a while.

What I learned this week is about leadership. I'm so thankful I followed the advice of the people there before coming here. I've learned that when one is placed in a leadership role, they also have additional investigators, the missionaries under them. One cannot make someone obedient. Rather, they could help them to be one! It's kinda hard to explain, but the things I understand here in the mission is so great!

Anyways, I love this quote from Pres. Uchtdorf, "We are nothing compared to Him, but we are everything to Him". I just learned the importance of knowing that I'm one His children. Oh boy! Sorry, no pictures! Next time for sure. I'm still getting myself acquainted with my duties here.

I love you all! I'm still waiting for your pouches :(
Hopefully I could receive one... Now I know why Missionaries love reading letters! Please pouch us some. It helps a lot! You'll realize it when you become one. Hehehe...

So, have a great week everyone! Take care!

-Elder Dimazana
Personal/Travel Secretary
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Want to share this wonderful verse, D&C 64:29 which helped me to do my best in being the Missionary the Lord wants me to be because as His servant, it will only become His business when we do His will. :)

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  1. I already read your message Elder Dimazana...Thanks for your message, Intayin mo ako jan ah... I hope you will be my senior trainer Missionary ,

    I am just concerned about learning Cebuano Language.. can you help me?

    See you soon... :)

    Elder Aban