Monday, 23 July 2012

11 Weeks and pulled-out! What??! - Week 14.Serving in Jimenez

Oh boy! I'm TRANSFERRING!!!!!!!!!!!

I got informed earlier because I'm going to be an Office Elder. Shucks! That was fast! I'm just done with my training and there you go. I'll be transferred! In the office... I guess I'll be there for a WHILE. Hahaha!

This week is really a blessed week for me. A 'LOT' has happened. Quite interesting as well. Anyways, last Sunday, we had 13 Less-Active members come to Church! It's a whopping number for me indeed. To be able to see them come back, it made my Sunday! Hahaha... I was happy all day. Geez, now I know what a Missionary feels when they see someone come to Church. Hahaha! It's amazing.

What made my day too is knowing that the person whom I'm inspiring to go on a Mission is getting his Patriarchal Blessing! I know he'll go and serve a Mission. I was just repeating the words "oh freak!" since I dunno what to say. I was just happy.  :D

Well, this week, I felt more sensitive to the Spirit. There are times that when we work, I just continuously ask questions, listen, discern and teach. It's amazing! It's kinda cool to just focus on the people you are teaching and really putting yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, as a Missionary, how can I help them to be interested in our message and to just have that Spiritual confirmation from the Holy Ghost. Relying on the Spirit have helped us to have lessons that we know they understood.

During our District Meeting, I've learned not to focus on statistics, as I always do. Some Missionaries really like achieving the Standard of Excellence here, which is good, but on my mind, I remembered 3 words, "Quality and Quantity". It made me remember Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's message that the people we teach are not just baptismal statistics. That they are our brothers and sisters. I do believe that it is really important to have quality lessons because we are helping others to come unto Christ. That teaching is more than talking and telling. When one understands the sacredness of this calling, they will really see the beauty of this work. To see with Spiritual eyes and hear with Spiritual ears. It's amazing and I love it.

One more I've learned this week is about obedience. A member shared to us about a great quote during our Family Home Evening that I can never forget, "When God speaks and we obey, we will always be right". The mission is full of challenges and temptations. It is better to obey Him. To just focus on things that we can do and not on the things we can't do. It's better to just do the work the way the Lord wants it to be done. And while reading Preach My Gospel, I stumbled upon pages 6 and 7. It was what we are doing in the MTC. To help people gain a testimony of the truthfulness of our message especially the Book of Mormon.

What a fulfilling week it is! I love this work. The things that one can learn from serving a Mission cannot be compared to those in the world. This calling is really the best! I love this work because I know it is the Lord's work. I encourage you all to read 2 Nephi 29:8-10, to really give time to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon. Let us try the virtue of the word of God (Alma 31:5).  And I know, our faith will really grow as we do so. I know these are true. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Take care you all! And also, I want to thank Meg and Kish for the letters! Thank you!!! They are my first letters I received in the Mission! Hehe. I'm still pouching in some letters next week. Thanks for the support and love. I love you all and stay strong in the Gospel! Peace! (:

-Elder Dimazana
Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

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